$1M Coming For Sinking Homes

Markeshia Ricks PhotoThe State Bond Commission has approved Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s recommendation to release $1 million to provide grants to homeowners in Westville and Woodbridge to fix their sinking homes.

Last year, New Haven’s legislative delegation asked the state to borrow about $4 million for the “Flooded Home Bond Authorization” for structural assessments and repairs to homes that have experienced flooding and sinking damage and are in the immediate vicinity of the West River and adjacent to the Yale Golf Course in Upper Westville and the Beverly Hills neighborhood.

On Friday, the bond commission approved the release of what is expected to be the first traunch of those funds.

New Haven State Rep. Pat Dillon, with the support of Westville Alders Richard Furlow and Darryl Brackeen Jr., worked to get her legislative colleagues to authorize the $4 million in last year’s budget. She said that now that the commission had made its decision, work can begin helping the affected homeowners. (Read more about those efforts here and here.)

“This is an ongoing project that started 14 years ago,” she said. “It took a while to make the case and there was initially some skepticism, but this is the second time we succeeded in getting some dollars.”

When the problem of sinking homes and flooding was first discovered in the Beverly Hills section of the city, Dillon, and then-Sen. Toni Harp, successfully asked for the state to bond $2 million to help neighbors at risk of losing their homes. It took several years but the state eventually came through with $1.5 million, which went to 35 homeowners in Woodbridge and Westville.

“This can provide real relief for homeowners,” Dillon said. “I’m really pleased.”

Upper Westville Alder Darryl Brackeen said while he’s grateful that the $1 million is coming from the state he believes that the state should be “much more aggressive about this impending environmental crisis.” A new sinkhole has formed in the last week.

“To have been advocating for this issue for 14 years and only produce $2 million in total is not even close to rectifying this issue,” he said.

The 2018 Agenda

Bill #StatusSummarySponsors
HB 5001In CommitteeTo impose a fee on transactions involving virtual currency.Pat Dillon
HB 5031In Committee
Committee Approved
To allow students to have equal access to institutional financial aid.Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee
HB 5082In Committee
Committee Approved
To provide state funds to assist hurricane victims from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands who are living in Connecticut.Juan Candelaria
HB 5126In CommitteeTo increase funding to boards of education and family resource centers that provide assistance to students and families from Puerto Rico.Juan Candelaria
HB 5112In CommitteeTo permit the retail sale of marijuana and tax such sale to raise revenue for the General Fund and to fund substance abuse treatment, prevention, education and awareness programs.Juan R. Candelaria, Angel Arce, Josh Elliott, Steven J. Stafstrom, Jeff Currey, Susan M. Johnson, Chris Soto, Patricia A. Dillon, Roland J. Lemar, James M. Albis, Christopher Rosario, Kim Rose, Robyn A. Porter, Edwin Vargas, Matthew Lesser, Gregory Haddad, Joshua Malik Hall, Ezequiel Santiago, Diana S. Urban, Toni E. Walker, Robert Sanchez, Alphonse Paolillo
SB 1In CommitteeTo expand the sick leave program to provide earned family and medical leave to certain individuals employed in this state.Martin M. Looney, Bob Duff, Timothy D. Larson, Steve Cassano, Beth Bye, Terry B. Gerratana, Gary A. Winfield, Ted Kennedy, Catherine A. Osten, Marilyn V. Moore, Edwin A. Gomes, Mae Flexer
SB 62In CommitteeTo provide tuition-free community college for Connecticut residents.Martin M. Looney
HB 5182In Committee
Committee Approved
To require building officials in certain municipalities to establish and assess a fee for the commencement of certain work without a necessary permit.Planning and Development Committee
HB 5210In Committee
Committee Approved
To (1) mandate insurance coverage of essential health benefits, (2) expand mandated health benefits for women, children and adolescents, and (3) expand mandated contraception benefits.Insurance and Real Estate Committee
HB 5084In CommitteeTo encourage the recycling of nip bottles that otherwise frequently litter urban areas.Roland J. Lemar and Juan R. Candelaria
HB 5350In Committee
Committee Denied
To create a pilot program for shared solar facilities at municipal airports. The bill also would delete the provision that dictates the length of Tweed Airport’s runway.Energy and Technology Committee
HB 5475In Committee
Committee Approved
To amend statutory provisions concerning a police officer’s viewing of a recording from body-worn recording equipment under certain circumstances.Judiciary Committee
HB 5515 In Committee
Committee Approved
To permit a zoning commission to regulate the brightness and illumination of advertising signs and billboards.Judiciary Committee
HB 5540In Committee
Committee Approved
To ban guns without serial numbers and regulate those which are sold in a form requiring the purchaser to finish assembly or that are homemade and to permit local authorities to interview immediate family members as part of a determination of an applicant's suitability.Judiciary Committee
HB 5542In Committee
Committee Approved
To ban the sale or transfer, possession, manufacturing or use of bump stocks or other accessories to increase the rate of fire of a firearm.Judiciary Committee

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posted by: challenge on April 16, 2018  10:00am

By all means let’s provide funding to repair Woodbridge and Westville homes and turn a blind eye to homes falling apart in Newhallville, Dixwell, Dwight and the Hill.

posted by: robn on April 18, 2018  1:34pm

Why is the state responsible for repairing individual homeowner’s homes? How is that line drawn? Why isn’t that kind of large assistance available for all homeowners for all events, effectively negating the need for individuals to carry insurance? Oh I forgot, CT legislators are still dependent upon the insurance industry for campaign contributions.