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New Trouble At Hip-Hop Clubs

by Staff | Dec 29, 2013 11:23 am

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Posted to: Legal Writes

A man was shot outside a Center Street nightclub early Sunday, as police continued to wrestle with violence in the entertainment district.

Sunday morning’s troubles occurred at two clubs with a history of trouble, Club X (formerly known as Center Street Lounge) and the Lazy Lizard.

The trouble began around 1:30 a.m., according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman.

Here’s what he said happened (with his precise words in quotation marks):

First the cops “encountered a hundred or so patrons fleeing from a hip-hop party” at Crown Street’s Lazy Lizard Nightclub. People said someone had fired a gun inside the club, though police couldn’t determine if that really happened, or if someone “breaking glass from a dropped bottle set off the panic.”

Either way, Crown Street filled with fleeing bar-goers, and several fights broke out. A group of club-goers fled down an alley to George Street, where cops caught up with them in front of the New Haven Hotel and found a .45 caliber pistol on him.

While all that was happening, a report of gunfire sent cops rushing over to Exhibit X/Center Street Lounge at Center and Orange streets, where another hip-hop party was letting out.

They found 24-year-old Mandella Davis shot, hit once in the lower left leg. Cops found him in a private car whose driver was headed to the hospital. “Officers stopped the car and summoned EMTs. They arrived quickly and treated him for a non-life threatening wound.” Davis told cops someone shot him while he was “standing in a crowd” on the street.

“A woman who ran to Center and Church Streets collapsed in front of arriving officers. It was thought she’d been shot as well, but that turned out not to be the case. She was treated for a panic attack. Both she and Mr. Davis were transported by ambulance to local hospitals.”

Click here, here and here for recent coverage of the city’s efforts to contain problems at city nightclubs. Officials have a package of proposals for cracking down, including creation of a taxable district to require and fund extra police protection; read about the arguments for and against that idea here.

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posted by: Stylo on December 29, 2013  4:18pm

This issue is Harp’s first measurable challenge of 2014. The previous administration has failed to contain this issue. These incidences that involve a small group of people are causing larger groups to avoid going to downtown and hurting businesses everywhere.

These few scumbag clubs should not be allowed to bring down all of downtown’s nightlife because they can’t employ proper security.

This needs to end now, or there should be laws in place that shut these clubs down for good. Downtown’s success does NOT hinge on hip hop clubs.

posted by: Trustme on December 29, 2013  6:32pm

Well said Stylo

posted by: just my view on December 29, 2013  6:57pm

@ Stylo - Agree but you can’t just blame the clubs and ignore the culpability of the patrons/clientele? Club security begins and ends @ the front door. 

People need to let the NHPD do their jobs.

posted by: Chip on December 30, 2013  4:41am

NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE ADMITTED TO A CLUB WITH A GUN! The clubs should be responsible for this and should screen, use metal detectors and pat down just as at an airport. If they can’t do this or if a gun is fired in their club they should be shut down! I know that bouncers at clubs are often bribed to let people carrying guns into the clubs. That’s what happened at the strip club murder recently. If a gun is discovered in a club the bouncers should also be held accountable and liable to being sued and should be fired! Absolutely no guns in clubs ever, anytime, period!!

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