Parking Ban Overnight Sunday

Here we go again: There’s another snowstorm expected Monday, bearing an estimated 4 to 8 inches of the white stuff.

This time, the city is announcing a parking ban before the snow comes.

The citywide parking ban begins at midnight Sunday night, and will remain in effect until the mayor lifts it, according to city spokesman Laurence Grotheer.

What is a citywide parking ban?

It means:

●    No parking downtown on both sides of ALL streets within the area bounded by Howe Street, Tower Parkway, Grove Street, State Street, and
Martin Luther King Boulevard, formerly known as North Frontage Road.

●    No parking on both sides of ALL posted snow routes, as well as no parking within 25 feet of any intersection, fire hydrant or bus

●    Parking in residential areas is permitted ONLY on the even side of the street.

In previous storms, the city failed to enforce similar bans, leading to nearly impassible roads, and prompting the city to declare a weeklong ban and take the snow away with payloaders.

This time, Grotheer pledged, “there will be parking ban enforcement.”

“For the moment, no end time” to the parking ban “has been established,” he added in a conversation. “What was decided late this afternoon was that we’d like to get the word out early about the start of [the ban], given the latest forecast for snow to begin late Sunday and start accumulating overnight.”

Where to put your car?

You can park at the Temple Street Garage and the Crown Street Garage throughout the duration of the ban for a subsidized price of $3 per day. Or you can park for free in the Granite Square Garage on State Street at Audubon, until it fills up.

For more info, check the city’s website, call (203) 946-7669, and check back here.

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posted by: getyourfactstraight on February 28, 2014  8:25pm

Ya ya ya that is what they always say! And if they do enforce how much you want to bet the plowing will be shot gun not through the fault of Public Works but rather the ones barking out the confusing orders.

posted by: jim1 on February 28, 2014  10:24pm

So lets see we have to move the cars again!! I don’t think so..  If the number of past bans came true we could balance the budget with out a increase in the tax rate. The tow company’s would make money and the city would.

Let’s cry wolf one more time.

But if it does snow I hope we get the plows to come to Wooster Sq. this time.

posted by: LoveNH on February 28, 2014  11:26pm

The mayor’s call this evening announced that the parking ban will begin “12AM Sunday” which of course means - mistakenly? - the middle of the night Saturday into Sunday morning. Could the mayor’s office kindly correct the mistake or explain the need for Sunday morning’s announced ban?
To avoid confusion in the future, I would suggest parking bans begin at 11:30pm on the relevant night.
Everything I ever needed to know I learned in…..

posted by: HewNaven on March 1, 2014  11:57am

Does anyone else remember the very first question Paul Bass asked Toni Harp in the televised debate last Fall? It was something about how would she handle a major snow storm if it landed in the beginning of her term. I thought it was a funny question at the time…now I see it was quite relevant and surprisingly prescient. How did he know?!

Anyway, I think this is Harp’s best attempt yet to mitigate the inevitable fallout caused by a snow storm. It’s very proactive. Let’s see what happens…

posted by: LoveNH on March 1, 2014  5:40pm

YES -  I remember that moment crystal clear.
Amidst the bitter political debate with grand arguments about the State Dept
and the fate of the national labor movement….
Mr. Bass asked what they would do “if 30 inches of snow fell on New Haven.”
I thought it was brilliant - THAT’S what a mayor is about.
And ours can’t figure out what day 12 midnight refers to.

posted by: JustAnotherTaxPayer on March 1, 2014  6:09pm

I LIKE the comment below recalling Paul Bass asking Toni Harp a question about how she would handle snow removal in NH should there be a major snow storm, once she had been elected as Mayor. Snow removal is a visible public service. So it is a good measure how an administration is managing affairs, and spending tax dollars. And it is a relatively simple operation, unless it is put in the hands of managers and a group of employees that have so many, working together, respecting that their public service is essential, and a failure to do it correctly and efficiently not only will be very obvious, but will have consequences for the residents and businesses of the city, for months, unless there is an early thaw. So, looking at the performance of PW with the snow this year should be a sure sign that departments like the BOE, PD, FD, Parks Department, etc., may very well be even more incompetent and wasteful than PW, as the services they render are not as visible as the piles of snow and ice everywhere.

posted by: Paul Wessel on March 2, 2014  7:45pm

I thought it was a stupid question when Paul asked it, but it was prescient.  Here’s what the responses were:

First question: Bass asks Harp what she’d do if three feet of snow fall on the snow suddenly.

Harp: We’d get payloaders in here to get snow removed. Elderly people need to be able to get to hospitals. We need a plan to get them out. Even before I become mayor, we need to make plans for safety if we have 100 year storms like we’ve had for the past three years.

Fernandez: We had a very serious storm just recently. The city wasn’t ready. We need serious planning before there’s a storm. With climate change well have more storms. We need payloaders distributed across the city, not just in one area. Clear hospitals and bus stops.

Elicker: What you’re describing isn’t imaginary. It happened with storm Nemo. The point is: Plan, plan, plan. We don’t as a city plan as much as we should, whether it’s the budget or snow. I’ll work as soon as I’m elected to plan for every scenario. The public didn’t know where to park, where to go in the last storm. We can communicate better.

Carolina (pictured): Acknowledging the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. A good leader always prepares for the worst and hopes for the best. I’d make sure a plan is in place. Protect homeless and the vulnerable, the elderly.

[All four candidates offer the same answer: Make a plan.]

posted by: cp06 on March 3, 2014  11:12am

“The citywide parking ban begins at midnight Sunday night, and will remain in effect until the mayor lifts it, according to city spokesman Laurence Grotheer.”

NHI, can you ask the city if the ban is lifted and if so, if they could kindly let residents know! Clearly it did not snow, but without the mayor “lifting” the parking ban I don’t want to risk a tow due to sudden enforcement. The city has been silent as is often the case lately, can you let us know?