Copper Tubes Found In Lincoln Oak Plaque

When the Lincoln Oak toppled on the Green last fall during Superstorm Sandy, a barrel-shaped lump of concrete emerged from its roots (along with bones and skulls). On Wednesday, workers jack-hammered the concrete barrel apart and found two copper tubes.

Those tubes might prove a theory long held by citizen historian Rob Greenberg: that a time-capsule was buried underneath the Lincoln Oak when it was planted in 1909. Click the video to see the city bomb squad X-ray the concrete earlier this month.

Acting parks chief Christy Hass, who oversaw the jack-hammering on Wednesday, said the tubes have been handed over to the state archeologist for scanning before anyone tries to open them. She said she didn’t know how long that could take.

Hass said the city has images of the tubes, which the Proprietors of the Green (the private owners of the public space) will share with the public later.

Thomas MacMillan Photo

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posted by: VinnyOx on April 24, 2013  8:21pm

This is TRULY exciting! What could it possibly be? and if it’s something valuable/historical what will the keepers of the green be doing with it?

posted by: WoosterStreetNeighbor on April 25, 2013  12:12am

Too bad they couldn’t have timed this a little better so the tubes could have been opened as part of the city’s 375th birthday celebrations this week.