Reg Revives I-Team

For the first time in two decades, the daily New Haven Register will have a dedicated investigative-reporting beat.

The paper’s editor, Matt DeRienzo, announced Monday that the paper is moving reporter Michelle Tuccitto Sullo from her beat in the Naugatuck Valley to fill a newly formed full-time investigative position (just in time for the mayhem about to break loose in East Haven). She’ll join veteran reporter Mary O’Leary (at the company since 1970, beginning at the old Journal Courier) to form an “Investigative and In-Depth Reporting Team.” O’Leary will concentrate in part on “fact-checking” politicians and drilling deep into issues.

DeRienzo also created a “Breaking News Team” and an “Audience Engagement Team.” He filled the slots with existing reporters, part of a reorganization geared toward moving the Register from a “print-first” to a “digital-first” newsroom. Click here, here, and here to read some previous stories about the Register’s corporate evolution.

And click here to read the press release the Register issued Monday to announce the changes.

The Register’s parent company, Journal Register, is undertaking similar experiments at its papers across the country in the hopes of developing a successful model for for-profit local daily journalism in the Internet age. Click here for a recent New York Times article about that.

Meanwhile, the Register also instituted a new policy on Monday on reviewing reader comments before posting them. In this announcement, the company said it hopes to “keep the racist, sexist, vulgar or otherwise abusive posts from seeing the light of day on this website.” Click here for a previous Independent story on that subject; click here to read the Independent’s commenting guidelines.

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posted by: Fred / North Haven on November 28, 2011  3:47pm

Now if we could only get someone to report the news of North Haven, we would be all set. Some of us are getting sick of the Shelton,Milford, Seymour,etc. coverage with nothing from North Haven. Could use a litle balance.

posted by: Matt DeRienzo on November 28, 2011  9:30pm

Thanks for writing about our changes, and thanks, Fred, for the comment about North Haven. The changes we announced this morning create a bit of a shuffle in reporting beats with a net impact of more reporters on the street. Would love to hear more about what you feel we are missing in North Haven.

posted by: Bill Saunders on November 28, 2011  11:03pm

I have always loved ‘corporate’ presentation graphics and buzzwords.
That’s why these guys make the big bucks.

Personally, though, I think the size of the “GROWING AUDIENCE” graphic is a bit overstated, otherwise, someone wouldn’t have needed to make this stupid chart is the first place.

posted by: Matt DeRienzo on November 28, 2011  11:15pm

Bill, I think instead of a newsroom swear jar, we should have to put in a dollar every time we use corporate-speak. I have a budget meeting to attend this week, but I’ll go back to making fun of some of these terms when I get back. What they are trying to say is “better journalism will help grow our business,” which is an awesome message, buzzwords aside.

posted by: Bill Saunders on November 29, 2011  12:58am


After everyone is done implementing initiatives, facilitating events and influencing the theme, they are sure to feel the on-going force of positive momentum that will carry them into the next century.

Or something like that.