RIP Rocky

Thomas MacMillan PhotoA raccoon met its demise on Trumbull Street, and lay in state for four days ahead of its cremation.

“Very Large Dead Raccoon on Snow Bank for 4 days,” read a post on SeeClickFix, put up on Monday afternoon.

“Large dead raccoon on snowbank between 39 & 41 Trumbull St. Its much bigger than a breadbox or would just remove it,” the post said.

A visit to the site found the raccoon, measuring close to 3 feet nose-to-tail, frozen stiff and lying on its side on a snowbank. Its fur was matted with frozen blood, and a layer of snow lay upon the body. A gray plastic bag was partially wrapped around its head.

Almost immediately after the report went up on SeeClickFix, the Department of Public Works responded with a promise of action.

Public works is responsible for removing roadkill. Doug Arndt, head of the department, said dead animals are taken to an incinerator at the dog pound.

“I would anticipate it’d be gone probably by the evening or first thing in the morning,” Arndt said late Monday afternoon.

By Tuesday morning, the raccoon was gone, leaving behind only some fur, frozen to the ice bank.


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posted by: OldYeller on February 12, 2014  10:27am

What is the point of this article?  Judging from its headline and general tone, it sounds like it’s intended to be amusing.  I find the fact that people run over and leave dead animals on our streets to be a sad commentary, not at all funny.