“Search The Whole Room”

A raid on an upper Westville apartment yielded drugs, a loaded handgun—and the presence of two young girls.

The raid took place on Colby Court Friday night around 8. It was one of two incidents this weekend that yielded illegal guns.

Here’s what happened in the two incidents, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman:

Local, state and federal agents showed up at the Colby Court apartment with a warrant for a man wanted for an illegal firearm sale and possession of a sawed-off shotgun.

Entering the apartment, officers found two girls aged 8 and 14. They also found the 18-year-old wanted man, asleep on the second floor.

They woke him up and asked his name.

“Um, Tymear,” he responded.

They asked again. He gave his real name. Then they asked why the room smelled like marijuana.

“Yeah there is some weed,” the man responded. “That’s all. You can search the whole room.”

Agents did search the room. They found “a few grams of marijuana,” 14 bags of crack, and “a loaded Lorcin .25 caliber handgun and a bug of bullets.”

“The gun was easily accessible to the children in the home,” Hartman noted.

Police arrested the man on the outstanding charges as well as risk of injury to minors and five drug offenses. They also notified state child-welfare authorities; a relative took in the children.

Meanwhile, Hartman offered the following description of the second incident, which occurred early Sunday:

“Officers Brendan Canning and Francisco Sanchez were a couple of hours into their midnight to 4 a.m. patrol of the Westville Manor Public Housing complex when they spotted a couple guys lurking in a parking lot.

“When the men saw the officers, they took off running. The officers suspected they were involved in an argument earlier on. They’d each been reported to have displayed pistols during the argument.

“The officers ran after them while ordering them to stop. One of them, a 16-year-old who lives in the area, stopped at a doorway to an apartment on Wayfarer Street. He had both hands tucked into his waistband underneath his hooded sweatshirt.

“Officer Sanchez drew his gun and ordered the young man to the ground. He didn’t listen and tried going inside the apartment. The officers grabbed his hoodie and pulled him to the ground. The silver 9mm Beretta handgun he’d dropped lay at his feet.

“The gun had been reported stolen from a residence in Easton, Connecticut. Police are looking for the suspect who got away. The apprehended juvenile was arrested and charged with theft of a firearm, carrying a pistol without a permit and interfering with police.”

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posted by: cedarhillresident! on June 23, 2014  4:37pm

We have people “lurking” over here in Cedar Hill….but they took away our beat cops and if we are luck they may take a whole 3 minutes to drive though cedar hill ever few days…....so can we please get some cops back over here to notice lurkers???

And 1412 state street is dealing heroin…and all of the residence are heroin users and have hookers working out of there…the owner is in rehab for heron. My guess is when he gets out and goes home to his house of dealers he will be back on the junk in days….cops know this…but if you look up who the owner is (many friends in this city protecting him) they will do nothing. They raided this house when a man held up in it with a rifel and then they buried the story when someone protected the owner (they knew they were all using and now selling!!!)