Super Search Timeline Set

Melissa Bailey PhotoThe school board aims to hire a new superintendent by July 22, seven weeks after the job was posted.

School board Chair Carlos Torre made that announcement Monday evening at the regular board meeting at 54 Meadow St., as he gave the latest timeline for the search to replace Reggie Mayo, who’s retiring after 21 years as superintendent.

Torre announced the following schedule:

• May 31: Job posted.
• June 25: Applications due back.
• By July 8: Narrow the field to 8 to 12 candidates, with the help of PROACT Search, the company the schools hired to help with the search.
• July 8-9: Interview candidates by Skype, or in person, if they live nearby.
• The week of July 15: Bring three final candidates to New Haven for public vetting.
• By July 20: Announce new superintendent. Hold special board meeting to approve the hire.

Mayo, who originally hoped to retire on June 30, has agreed to stay on a few extra weeks until the new superintendent starts. The board aims to hold a special board meeting to name his successor or before July 20, when Mayo heads to Martha’s Vineyard on vacation. The candidate would start as soon after July 20 date as possible, according to board member Alex Johnston, who’s heading the search committee. Mayo has agreed to interrupt his vacation to come back and hand over the reins to his successor.

Megan Ifill (at left in photo with Camelle Scott) of the parent group Teach Our Children said she was disappointed in the lack of public involvement in the first round of forums in which PROACT took feedback on what people want to see in the next superintendent.

She said TOC plans to take a more active role in the process as the city moves to interview the final candidates.

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posted by: Curious on June 11, 2013  4:41pm

Better rush to get that position filled by the due date, or else you run the risk of hiring the best person for the job!

Go Megan!

posted by: ISR on June 11, 2013  5:22pm

Talk about a rush to judgment. They’re putting this timeline on a speed dial, which doesn’t look particularly good given the well-documented back of the hand the Board has given to public comment and input. Notice how meager the timeline is on giving the public a say.

It also doesn’t look good that they are doing this hire before the mayoralty election.

If I were one of the stronger candidates, I wouldn’t be happy with this. In fact, I’d put out the word that I’d subject any hire to strong scrutiny, pershaps giving some of the candidates pause, and I’d flat out call for doing this after the election.

This does not look like democracy in action. In fact, if we could still smoke in public buildings it would smack of the smoke filled room.

posted by: Thomas Alfred Paine on June 11, 2013  6:53pm

It appears that the Board of Education is going to ignore the appeals of the public to postpone their selection of a new superintendent until after the election. The job of superintendent plays a major role in the direction that the New Haven public schools will take over the next several years. The selection process should therefore proceed with all deliberate speed. Let Dr. Mayo retire at his scheduled time. It appears that some Board members think that the entire New Haven school system would collapse if there were no superintendent for several months. This is certainly not the case. Education in any public school should not be centered exclusively on one administrator, even the chief administrator. Teaching and learning can proceed in New Haven in the temporary absence of a superintendent! The Board proceeds to search for a new superintendent against the will of the people and acts contrary to common sense. This is why people clamor for an elected board of education. There is a foolish rush by the board to select one of the most critical, visible, highly paid officials in the city of New Haven. Their decision defies all logic. Haste truly makes waste! The board’s decision is highly questionable, unless they have already made their decision and this supposed search is a deceitful and expensive charade to convince the public that they actually made a national search to find the best person for the job only to conclude that that person, in their opinion, was already here.

posted by: jepadilla on June 11, 2013  9:41pm

I can’t help but point out that most small nonprofits cannot do a local search and hire an Executive Director that fast, so perhaps we should be impressed the Board of Education is able to move so quickly????  Unless of course, the outcome has been pre-determined.

posted by: Brutus2011 on June 11, 2013  10:13pm

I believe the BOE is going to name Assistant Superintendent Garth Harries as Dr. Mayo’s replacement.

In my view, NHPS management has its own culture and its own continuity that is as important to it as its function is to the rest of us.

Continuity is important to the management culture because the individual administrators make up the whole and need, above all else, to maintain and retain their positions for the future of the management organization to be viable.

Almost like having a life of its own.

Question is: Who is NHPS living for, themselves first or our kids first?

You know the answer.

Then the question becomes: Why do let these managers run this game on us?

Does the emperor really have new clothes?

Answer. Look at those shiny new suspenders!


posted by: brain_stringcheese on June 12, 2013  10:41am

Teach Our Children and Youth UnleashED are hosting a Focus Group Forum for parents, students and other stakeholders on Tuesday June 18 in the James Hillhouse High School Library from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.  This is a valuable opportunity to provide feedback that will be incorporated directly into the candidate interview process.  Come out in weigh in on what you’d like to see in a new Superintendent!

posted by: Curious on June 12, 2013  4:51pm

Brain_stringcheese, I made you a flyer! 

You can download it here.

I bet if you get those stapled to a bunch of telephone poles downtown you’ll drive your attendance up, and you can email it around and have parents pass them out before and after school to other parents.

posted by: Curious on June 12, 2013  4:55pm

NHI, can you find out if the PROACT search is based on a certain amount of time? 

Do they pocket that $20,000 and guarantee a candidate in X amount of weeks?

If it takes longer than X weeks to find a good candidate, do they bill the city for more money?