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Pears Evicted, Replaced By Friendlier Long-Term Tenants

by | May 29, 2014 8:17 am

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Posted to: Environment

Allan Appel Photo The crowded, unhappy pear trees have gone from the housing authority headquarters building’s front yard, replaced by two lines of new Elms.

The result is an airy, more light-filled plaza at the corner of Audubon and Orange streets.

The housing authority recently implemented a $63,000 plan to replace ten pear trees that were too crowded together to thrive.

Six well-separated elms have replaced them in dedicated beds in two rows of three .

The City Plan Department-approved project also replaced root-cracked concrete with more attractive faux-brick pavers in a geometric design.

Brigitta Henderson (pictured) noticed how much more light was pouring in front of 360 Orange St., the housing authority’s headquarters, where she works.

When the plan was hatched back in the winter, Henderson worked in the housing authority’s communications department. She’s since been promoted to finance.

As she carried a sheaf of folders and papers in her arms, she looked up and noticed the sky. She said she approved of the change.

Several round concrete benches that had circled the previous arboreal residents have also been removed.  The map of the plan calls for three similarly-shaped seating areas to be added.

“New benches are included in the work,” reported authority Executive Director Karen DuBois-Walton. She said the new outdoor furniture will be of steel and wood construction and and is in the process of being fabricated.

“The seats are coming!” Henderson declared, and then went off on her errands.


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