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Tow Trucks On The Way

by | Feb 12, 2013 5:27 pm

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Melissa Bailey Photo Move your Chevy off that main street: The city’s coming through with a fleet of pay loaders and up to 60 tri-axle trucks—and a platoon of tow trucks so people can get back to work Wednesday.

On the fourth day of cleanup from Winter Storm Nemo, the city is shifting Tuesday from clearing neighborhood streets to “push, haul and load.”

That means scooping up the snow with pay loaders into large, three-axle trucks, which will cart the snow away. The work includes clearing second lanes on major roads.

And the city is moving back from clearing neighborhood side streets to the main avenues in town for 24 hours.

The city plans to procure 45 to 60 tri-axle trucks from private contractors for snow removal, Department of Public Works Chief Doug Arndt reported Tuesday. He planned to assemble 15 crews, each with a pay loader followed by several tri-axle trucks.

To make way for all that equipment, the city has imposed a parking ban on major streets from 6 p.m. Tuesday through 6 a.m. Wednesday. Find the list of those streets here. The streets include Dixwell, Grand, Whalley, Ferry, Fountain, Whalley, among many others. Don’t park your car there! Or it’ll be gone, the city promises. The tow trucks will be out.

The link also lists lots where people can park in order to take their cars off the streets.

City government, Yale, Gateway, are all reopening Wednesday. So the city wants to have major streets cleared wide enough not only for emergency vehicles, but for two-way car traffic, as well.

Then on Wednesday night the city plans to return to neighborhood side streets. Most of those side streets had a single lane plowed on them Monday to give emergency vehicles access. By Thursday the plan is to have those neighborhood side streets plowed more fully.

To enable that to happen, the city plans to enforce a parking ban on odd-numbered sides of the street. And it plans to tow cars that are in the way.

The “bad news” about this next two rounds of planned snow clearance, Mayor John DeStefano noted: “We’re going to be plowing you in again.” Expect to find huge mounds of snow covering the cars and sidewalks and driveway entrances you spent hours digging out. “It’s the only way,” DeStefano said, “we can open up the street.”

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posted by: ElmJackCity on February 12, 2013  5:50pm

I hope enforcement will be mindful of small streets that allow ONLY even-side parking.  New Haven has quite a few.

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