Victim Knew Alleged Home Invader

Police arrested a 34-year-old man in connection with an Upper Westville home invasion—and said the alleged perpetrator and victim already knew each other.

Police announced the arrest Friday.

The home invasion took place after 11 p.m. Tuesday on Stevenson Road, near the Yale Golf Course. Three men allegedly pointed a gun at the homeowner there, in front of his young children; robbed him; followed him to his car when he said he had more money there; then locked him in the trunk. 

Detectives developed names of three suspects, including the one arrested Friday, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman.

“As the investigation progressed, the victim eventually came forward and admitted knowing” the eventually arrested man personally, Hartman stated in a press release.

Police obtained both an arrest warrant for the suspect. and a search warrant for the suspect’s West Division Street home. “When they executed the search warrant, they recovered two loaded handguns, items taken during the home invasion, a box of ammunition and a pound of marijuana,” Hartman reported.

Now the suspect faces a long list of charges: “home invasion, conspiracy to commit home invasion, first degree burglary, conspiracy to commit first degree burglary, criminal possession of a firearm, carrying a pistol without a permit, second degree assault, conspiracy to commit second degree assault, second degree larceny, conspiracy to commit second degree larceny and two counts of risk of injury to children.”

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posted by: ELMCITYPROF on January 17, 2014  5:34pm

Was the pound of marijuana taken from the victim’s home?

posted by: Charl on January 17, 2014  11:18pm

Well, not hard to put two and two together here.

Think about it:  If you were robbed at gunpoint by three masked men, in front of your two children, with their lives at risk, and your own…..and you happened to *know* one of the robbers…... what would possibly make you not name the suspect to police?
Think about it.  The suspect also happens to have the amount of marijuana on him that is not for recreational use, but for sale, a large quantity.

Two points regarding firearms.

1. I would bet money that the victim does not own any firearms for home defense and personal protection.  (I also would bet if indeed the suspect and victim do know each other, that the suspect asked the victim prior to the event, if he owned any firearms.)
2.  How is the suspect charged with “carrying a pistol without a permit”?
If the pistol was uncovered within the home, how could the suspect have been carrying a pistol?  There is no law against owning and possessing a pistol and keeping it within your own home.  If the suspect does not have a valid pistol permit, it does not matter.  Now, if the suspect was carrying the pistol concealed, and was found in a traffic stop, or was arrested outside his home, then he would be carrying a pistol without a permit.  But, the way the article reads, the handgun(s) were recovered after LE executed a search warrant within the suspect’s home.

/please do not censor my comments!  Thank you!\