Where To Vote, & Who’s Running

Polls open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday for New Haven’s Democratic Party primaries. Voters in all 30 city wards can vote in the mayoral primary, which pits incumbent Mayor John DeStefano against challengers Anthony Dawson, Clifton Graves, and Jeffrey Kerekes. In addition, voters in 16 wards can cast ballots in contests for aldermanic nominations.

Following is a list of polling places; and the names of candidates running for alderman. For background on the candidates, search the Independent site by their last names and/or click on the hyperlinks highlighted in blue in the list below. A (U) after a candidate’s name means he or she is running on the slate assembled by Yale’s unions (and in most cases also backed by municipal unions). A (P) means the candidate is running in concert with the party establishment and DeStefano campaign. (It doesn’t necessarily mean the party officially endorsed the candidate; party leaders and the mayor’s team are opposing some candidates, such as in Wards 28 and 30, who received the party’s official endorsement.)

Two wards have two polling places each. Wards without candidates listed have only the mayoral primary on the ballot, no aldermanic races.

If you’re not sure what ward you live in, or which polling place is yours, click here to find out.

1 Public Library, 133 Elm St.
2 (Dwight) Troup School, 259 Edgewood Ave. Doug Bethea (P) vs. Frank Douglass (U).
3 (Hill) Career High School, 140 Legion. Ave. Jackie James (U) vs. Abdias Rodriguez (P)
4 (Hill) Truman School, 114 Truman St.
5 (Hill) Firehouse, 525 Howard Ave.
6 (Hill) Micro Society Magnet School, 103 Hallock Ave. Dolores Colon (U) vs. Norma Rodriguez Reyes (P)
7 (Downtown) Hall of Records, 200 Orange St.
8 (Wooster Square) Conte/West Hills Magnet School, 511 Chapel St.
9 (East Rock) Wilbur Cross High School 181 Mitchell Dr. (Moved from past years’ site, East Rock school.) Matt Smith (P) vs. Jessica Holmes (U).
10 (East Rock) Also at Wilbur Cross High School, 181 Mitchel Dr.
11/ 1 (ward broken in 2) (Fair Haven Heights) Bella Vista, 343 Eastern St.
11/ 2 (Bishop Woods) Bishop Woods School, 1481 Quinnipiac Ave.
12 (Bishop Woods/Fair Haven Heights) Ross/Woodward School, 189 Barnes Ave.
13 (Fair Haven Heights) Benjamin Jepson Magnet School, 15 Lexington Ave. David Baker, Brenda Jones Barnes (U), Josue Vega (P).
14 (Fair Haven) Atwater Senior Center, 26 Atwater St. Stephanie Bauer (P), Carmen Reyes and Gabriel Santiago (U).
15 (Fair Haven) Firehouse, 412 Lombard St.
16 (Fair Haven) John S. Martinez School, 100 James St.
17 (Annex) Firehouse, 824 Woodward Ave.
18 (Morris Cove) Nathan Hale School, 485 Townsend Ave. Sal DeCola (P) vs. Sarah Saiano (U).
19 (Newhallville, East Rock) Celentano School, 400 Canner St.
20 (Newhallville) Lincoln-Bassett School, 130 Bassett St. Charles Blango (P) vs. Delphine Clyburn.
21 (Newhallville) Urban Youth, 580 Dixwell Ave., Brenda Foskey-Cyrus vs. Moses Nelson.
22 (Dixwell) Wexler Grant School, 55 Foote St. Greg Morehead (P) vs. Jeanette Morrison (U) vs. Lisa Hopkins vs. Cordelia Thorpe.
23 (West River) Berger Apartments, 136 Derby Ave.
24 (Edgewood) Firehouse, 120 Ellsworth Ave. Marcus Paca (P) vs. Evette Hamilton (U).
25. (Westville) Edgewood Magnet School, 737 Edgewood Ave. Michael Slattery (P) vs. Adam Marchand (U).
26 (Upper Westville) Mauro/Sheridan School, 191 Fountain St.
27 (Beaver Hills, Amity, Beverly Hills, West Hills, Westville) Mitchell Library, 37 Harrison St. Stan Kontogiannis (P) vs. Angela Russell (U).
28 (Beaver Hills) Hillhouse High School, 480 Sherman Parkway. Claudette Robinson Thorpe (U) vs. Wayne McCloud (P).
29 (Beaver Hills) Beecher School, 100 Jewel St. Carl Goldfield (P) vs. Brian Wingate (U).
30 / 1 (West Rock) Clarence Rogers School, 199 Wilmot Rd. Darnell Goldson vs. Carlton Staggers (P).
30/ 2 (West Hills) Old West Hills School, 311 Valley St. Darnell Goldson vs. Carlton Staggers (P).

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posted by: robn on September 12, 2011  1:10pm


So anyone who thinks that a couple of thousand people should dictate the level of their own salary to the other 135,000 people who pay it,... please do vote the unions into control of the BOA tomorrow.

posted by: Anderson Scooper on September 12, 2011  2:33pm

How about a list of all the aldermanic races that are scheduled for “do-overs” in November? That way we can know which of these aldermanic contests to treat like straw polls?

[The list of candidates who have earned independent slots on the November ballot can be found in this story: http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/surprise/ }

posted by: fej on September 12, 2011  3:37pm

And why no biographies of all the candidates, including the mayoral ones? Or, if I just missed them, where should I have been looking?

posted by: POP on September 12, 2011  8:11pm


posted by: More Democracy, Please! on September 12, 2011  9:06pm

Thanks, NHI! This is a super helpful service!

posted by: UnionsGivethandTakethAway on September 13, 2011  8:34pm

Why should union money go to back political candidates??  I believe this is a violation.  I used to work at Yale University and not joining the union is basically not an option.  You are almost made to join and your dues are collected whether you are a member or not.  There are certain candidates that I do not support.  How is it fair that my union dues go to support candidates that I do not??? This should not be allowed.