Would You Throw This Guy A Quarter?

I did.

He was contending with the passing cars on Elm Street for the ears of passersby.

He goes by the name Cud Eastbound. He’s from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has put out a number of CDs. He has a webpage.

In between numbers on Elm Street the other day, he said he was passing through town on a “Dry Rot” tour of the U.S. (According to his Facebook page itinerary, he plans to swing by New Haven again on Feb. 27 and he hopes someone will offer him a stage other than the street.)

He had some of those CDs with him on the sidewalk along with a tip jar.

I thought his hard-charging banjo slide-playing added a rhythmic groove to the rush-hour traffic. So I tossed him a coin.

Would you have? Click on the play arrow for a listen; comment below.


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posted by: Dean Moriarty on January 22, 2013  2:33pm

Remarkable! Considering what passes as talent in music today, it’s a shame that this talented performer is not yet a well known name.  I will definitely be spreading the word.  Wonderful work, Cud!

posted by: Nathan on January 22, 2013  4:41pm

Fun stuff, what’s not to like and support?  BTW, 2/27/2013 would seem to be an open mic night at The Outer Space in Hamden, perhaps he should contact the good folks at that venue.


posted by: David S Baker on January 22, 2013  8:03pm

Paul -  Love this.  Awesome post idea.  New Haven needs more buskers and street performers.  Committing your resources toward hi-lighting these seemingly random acts of inspiring creativity is a delight.  A truly noble act.  More more!  Bravo.

posted by: parejkoj on January 23, 2013  12:28pm

Dang. That’s worth more than a quarter!

posted by: HewNaven on January 23, 2013  3:09pm

I’d give him a dollar!