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Yale-New Haven Eyes Bristol Hospital Takeover

by | Jan 31, 2014 10:03 am

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Posted to: Health

The future of Bristol Hospital is as part of a large network, CEO Kurt Barwis believes. The small community hospital is in talks to be acquired by Tenet Healthcare, a national for-profit hospital chain partnered with the Yale New Haven Health System, a move that Barwis says would help Bristol Hospital adapt to the rapidly changing demands of health care.

But that vision of the hospital’s future relies in part on the legislature: With the strong encouragement of organized labor, legislators will make expanding the regulatory oversight needed for changes in hospital ownership a top priority this year.

All but one of Connecticut’s hospitals are nonprofit, and Tenet’s potential entrance into the market—the company has deals in the works with Bristol, Waterbury Hospital, and the parent company of Manchester Memorial and Rockville General hospitals—has sparked intense interest and scrutiny from lawmakers.

It’s a debate that pits unions’ concerns against warnings from some in health care that the survival of hospitals could be at stake.

And critics of for-profit hospitals have leverage: a provision of state law that effectively prohibits for-profit hospitals from hiring doctors, a key part of running a health care system.

Click here to read the full story at the Connecticut Mirror.

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posted by: Jones Gore on January 31, 2014  1:13pm

I think the state made a huge mistake in allowing Yale-New Haven Hospital to take over St Raphael Hospital.

Health Care priority 1, and job is #2. And since Yale-Hospital take over Employees are not happy. I am surprised at how many left and are glad they did. A monopoly is being formed across the state and something needs to be done about it.

posted by: Stylo on January 31, 2014  1:26pm

Can they please take over Milford Hospital next?

posted by: DrJay on January 31, 2014  2:38pm

Tenet has a troubled past. Look at the wikipedia article:
for info about health care fraud, unnecessary heart surgery and tax dodging that Tenet has been involved in.
The original deal Yale proposed was with a different company which has since been acquired by Tenet. Aside from the issues with for profit care in general, there are serious questions about this company in particular.

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