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“Your Days Of Trampling The People Are Over!”

by | Sep 8, 2013 4:57 pm

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Posted to: Arts & Culture, Campaign 2013

Reginald Augustine Two days before New Haven Democrats go to the polls for a four-way mayoral primary, a cartoon hero arrived on the scene to lift a club to a tetra-headed villain known as the “political establishment.”

That scene appeared on the front of the latest flyer from the campaign of Democratic mayoral candidate Kermit Carolina. It’s the latest detailed political cartoon created for the campaign by artist Reginald Augustine.

He depicts Carolina as the hero in the cartoon, entitled “David Vs. Goliath.” A muscular Carolina lifts a slingshot toward the money shield of the “status quo” club-bearing establishment giant. The giant has four heads: those of Newhallville power broker Rev. Boise Kimber, Central Labor Council President Bob Proto, Gov. Dannel Malloy, and Democratic mayoral candidate Toni Harp. The other three have endorsed Harp’s candidacy, as have most leading political figures in town.

“Let’s make a clean break with the past,” the back of the flyer urges, by voting for Carolina on Tuesday.

Another campaign also demonstrated its artistic side this hectic final weekend of campaigning before Tuesday’s primary: Justin Elicker popped in on an arts fest in Trowbridge Square Park and stepped forward for an open mic turn. Backed by Wayne Brown’s Organic Soul band, Elicker offered lead vocals on Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” Click on the play arrow to watch what went on.

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posted by: OneCityManyDreams on September 8, 2013  5:10pm

Wow!  This is right on the mark!  Outstanding.  Kermit you are an honest leader!

posted by: WestvilleCitizen on September 8, 2013  7:52pm

Elicker and Carolina - two honest candidates using the Democracy Fund
with goals to run a clean, smart government for the people….
Any chance these two wonderful people can team up and bring the city back from the prospect of a Harp administration and its unethical, tax-evading, Democracy Fund-destroying cronies.
After Tueday, my vote is that Elicker and Carolina need to sit down to a serious talk about joining forces.

posted by: HhE on September 8, 2013  10:09pm

Amen, WestvilleCitizen.

It is no secret that I am an Elicker supporter, but Mr. Carolina is my strong second choice.

posted by: Billy on September 9, 2013  12:04am

I agree with both of you, WestvilleCitizen and HhE. That would be a great combination, which could rally a lot of grassroots support to dislodge Sen. Harp from her self-proclaimed front runner status. The people of this city would actually be heard, if that kind of ticket came together.

Let’s see what happens on Tuesday. Maybe we’ll get a pleasant surprise and Sen. Harp will no longer be in the race.

posted by: westville man on September 9, 2013  8:45am

Brother Westville Citizen-  My alliance is with Carolina, but my Plan B is the much like yours-with Elicker 2nd.  I hope that 1 of them stays in the race after tomorrow and the other joins forces.  The Indies and repubs wont go with Harp if she wins.

posted by: geneva on September 9, 2013  5:53pm

Interesting seeing how you Kermit met with Reverend Kimber in hopes he would support his Mayoral bid. Not only did he refuse to support his bid for Mayor, he advised him not to run.

posted by: geneva on September 9, 2013  7:24pm

Interesting seeing how Kermit met with Reverend Kimber in hopes he would support his bid for Mayor. He not only refused to support his bid for Mayor, he advised him not run.

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