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Bids Readied For Community-Senior Building

by marcia chambers | Apr 15, 2015 9:15 am

UPDATE— Marcia Chambers Photo The town’s building commission is putting the final touches on a request for qualifications (RFQ), the first step in a public announcement asking firms to submit design bids for a new and combined senior and community center at 46 Church Street.

The five-member commission met last week at the community center for a special work session on the RFQ.  They discussed the RFQ public announcement, which was aimed for today, April 15 and the probable deadline date for responses, May 7. But neither date was set in stone. The RFQ was published on April 17 and must be returned by 11:30 a.m. May 8. 

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Déjà Vu For Land Off Exit 56

by Sally E. Bahner | Apr 14, 2015 12:56 pm

Branford Review The recent public hearing on the proposed Costco development was reminiscent of the hearing held for a proposed supermall at the same location off Exit 56 on June 26, 1979.

The supermall was described in the June 14, 1979, edition of the Branford Review as what may be “the second biggest mall in the world.”

Even some of the property holders are the same, albeit a generation later. In 1979, the Cooke family – Nelson and Irving – expected to sell approximately 30 acres. This time, current property owner Wayne Cooke, their son and nephew, is looking at selling 21 acres, where the proposed Costco would be built.

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by Diana Stricker | Apr 13, 2015 3:10 pm

Diana Stricker Photo Sunshine, friends, family and a new sun-inspired beer—all the ingredients converged Saturday for a successful launch of the Stony Creek Brewery along the Branford River.

Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the opening of the brewery with its tasting room, celebration room and two decks that overlook the river along Indian Neck Avenue near the heart of town.

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Hornets Beat Yellowjackets For 1st Baseball Win

by Bill O'Brien | Apr 13, 2015 11:40 am

Bill O'Brien PHoto After two consecutive loses to open the 2015 baseball season, the Branford Hornets defeated East Haven on Saturday for their first win of the season.

“It was great to get the monkey off our back”, said Hornet coach Ed Bethke.

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Powassan Tick Virus Scare Is Just That

by marcia chambers | Apr 12, 2015 10:23 am | Comments (2)

Back in 2008 tick researchers detected the Powassan virus in ticks found near Lake Gaillard in North Branford and Lake Success in Bridgeport.  That was seven years ago.

These days researchers are doing more research to test if this type of black-legged deer tick may be found in other locations and to see if it is carrying that virus. That is what researchers do.  The research in Connecticut is being done by the Center for Vector Biology and Zoonotic Disease at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

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“Shared Solar” Gets 2nd Look; Utilities Opposed

by Jan Ellen Spiegel/ CT Mirror | Apr 10, 2015 10:59 am

Clean Energy Collective Bill O'Brien Photo Shared solar, a concept that could make solar power available to the 80 percent of homes in Connecticut that are otherwise unsuited for it, appears headed for another rocky run through the state legislature. In the middle of the action is Branford State Rep. Lonnie Reed.

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Earl Colter: A True Branford Legend

by Sally E. Bahner | Apr 9, 2015 9:21 am | Comments (1)

Doug Colter Photo There are few people in town – of a certain age – who have escaped the camera of Earl Colter.

Chip Stakes Viel Photo During the summer between their junior and senior years, students from Branford, and Guilford as well, fussed over frizzy hair, ties and jackets, and sat for his camera. Brides and grooms posed for their wedding albums, business people representing all professions had their portraits taken, and even Branford’s Main Street came into Earl Colter’s viewfinder.

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Kennedy, Reed Seek ECS “Re-Jiggering”

by marcia chambers | Apr 8, 2015 7:56 am | Comments (2)

Branford legislators State Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jr., a legislative newbie, and State Rep. Lonnie Reed, an experienced hand, agree on one word: When it comes to the state’s education cost sharing grant system (ECS), they say the system is broken and needs to be “re-jiggered.”

Kennedy, Reed and School Superintendent Hamlet Hernandez went before the state legislature’s Appropriations Committee last week in support of a Senate bill that would send more state education funds back to a number cities and towns, including Branford and the other five towns in Kennedy’s 12th District. The public hearing was televised by CT-N.

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Judge Revokes Wang’s Attorney Status

by marcia chambers | Apr 7, 2015 8:38 am | Comments (2)

WTNH-POOL In a day of high drama, Superior Court Judge Thomas V. O’Keefe Jr. ruled yesterday that Dr. Lishan Wang was not mentally competent to stand trial and was no longer to act as his own attorney in his murder case. Dr. Wang is accused of gunning down Dr. Vanjinder Toor, a 34-year-old Yale University doctor, five years ago this month.

To Dr. Wang’s dismay, Judge O’Keefe also appointed Chief Public Defender Thomas J. Ullmann to serve as   Dr. Wang’s attorney for the foreseeable future. The judge did not rule out Dr. Wang’s possible self-representation sometime in the future but that scenario seems unlikely.

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Experts Say Wang Not Competent To Stand Trial

by marcia chambers | Apr 6, 2015 2:00 pm

WTNH-POOL Is Dr. Lishan Wang mentally competent to determine his defense and to conduct his murder trial?

This question was answered today by a group of experts at his competency hearing in New Haven’s state Superior Court, the second in the last five years. The court-ordered psychiatric evaluation found he was not. 

Dr. Alexander Westphal, the state’s first witness, testified that it was the team’s opinion that “Dr. Wang did not demonstrate the capacity to rationally understand the proceedings against him or to assist in his defense.” The evaluation found there was a “substantial probability” that Dr. Wang “can be restored to competence through an inpatient hospitalization at the Connecticut Valley Hospital,” a path Dr. Wang has gone down before.  Dr. Wang acted as his own attorney in court today, questioning the witnesses.

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