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Stan’s Gang Takes Five

by Staff | Mar 2, 2015 12:00 pm

A new generation of musicians shared a bill with a four-plus-decade ensemble as jazz replaced legal argument in the Yale Law School auditorium.

The occasion was Sunday afternoon’s eighth annual Stan Wheeler Memorial Jazz Concert.

The concert each year brings together the Yale Jazz Ensemble, students conducted by Thomas C. Duffy; with the Reunion Jazz Ensemble, including a number of New Haven area jazz stalwarts.

The two groups have a muse in common: the late Stan Wheeler of Stony Creek, a Yale law professor who spent 30 years playing trumpet with Yale’s ensemble. Wheeler was also a stalwart of the Reunion Jazz Ensemble (including some of New Haven’s most established jazz performers) as well as a pioneering legal thinker and researcher. Both groups have gathered each year since his 2007 death to pay tribute to him—and pick up their horns and guitars and drumsticks to delight the crowd that gathers in the auditorium.

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Reunion & Yale Jazz Ensembles Play For New Haven

by staff | Feb 26, 2015 10:20 am

Reunion Jazz Ensemble is readying another reunion this weekend, as part of an annual jazz celebration in the Elm City. The ensemble will join the Yale Jazz Ensemble for a great afternoon of jazz at the Yale Law School. 

The event is the 2015 Stan Wheeler Memorial Jazz Concert, named after a stalwart of the ensemble as well as a pioneering legal thinker and researcher. It begins at 2 p.m. in the law school’s Levinson Auditorium at 127 Wall St. Doors open at 1:30 p.m.

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We Met For Tea At The Blackstone Library

by marcia chambers | Feb 3, 2015 10:18 am

Mary Johnson Photo The proper etiquette for afternoon tea in London, particularly in the Edwardian era, required a good deal of preparation, especially for the ladies. Recently the underside—or shall we say underbelly—of getting dressed for a formal tea was unveiled at a special event at the Blackstone Memorial Library.

Mary Johnson Photo Inspired by the devotion of many to the award-winning British television drama on PBS, Downton Abbey, the Friends of the Blackstone Memorial Library held a high tea. More than 120 guests attended, first to watch a one-woman show explaining the art of getting dressed in order to take tea properly.  Many in the audience dressed for the occasion.

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It Felt Like Entering Grover’s Corners

by Remsen Welsh | Oct 10, 2014 8:28 am

Remsen Welsh, a home-schooled 8th grader from Branford, plays the role of Rebecca Gibbs in the revival of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town opening this week at Long Wharf Theatre. She is keeping a diary of the experience. This installment is from “tech day,” the first day the actors move into the theater to check out the lighting, set, sound cues, and costumes.

The start of tech was filled with excitement … and the knowledge that it was going to be a long day.

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A Little Late To Rehearsal—& A Little Wiser

by Remsen Welsh | Oct 8, 2014 11:23 am

Remsen Welsh, a home-schooled 8th grader from Branford, plays the role of Rebecca in the revival of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town opening this week at Long Wharf Theatre. She is keeping a diary of the experience.

I got an e-mail last night before from the production stage manager notifying me that I would be called at 11:30 a.m. today.  My mom and I headed out on our usual route, but because of the traffic going over the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, my mom looked at me and informed me, “You’re probably going to be a little late. Can you text Michelle [the child wrangler] letting her know we’ll be a little late?”

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Cool Events This Weekend

by Emma Zehner | Aug 14, 2014 7:19 am

Head to the Green for music, plays and plants.  Even your pets can get involved this weekend at the town’s version of Woodstock, i.e. Woofstock.

Thursday, August 14

Round Robin Shakespeare

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Will Stony Creek Association Have Input in Future of Puppet House?

by Diana Stricker | Aug 12, 2014 7:24 am

Diana Stricker Photo It appears the curtain won’t be closing anytime soon on the saga involving the Stony Creek Association (SCA) and the Legacy Theatre board, which is trying to renovate the former Puppet House and open a repertoire theater. 

Some SCA board members and residents have expressed concerns about parking, programming, and the number of hours and days the building will be used. They are also concerned that the venue may be rented out for parties or other functions.

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Branford Green Rocks With Sax Great Elan Trotman

by marcia chambers | Aug 1, 2014 11:09 am

Bill O'Brien Photo The Branford Green was rocking last night with Elan Trotman on Sax raising the sounds so high the audience stood up to join in.

Bill O'Brien Photo His group played in front of over 1,000 folks who came to the Green for the 6th concert in the Branford Jazz series this summer.

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Puppet House Renovation Permit Appealed

by Diana Stricker | Aug 1, 2014 8:01 am | Comments (1)

Diana Stricker Photo The Legacy Theatre has received a permit allowing the owners to renovate the interior of the former Puppet House in Stony Creek, but the process is not without drama. The Stony Creek Association (SCA) has filed an appeal, and attorneys for both sides have met in an attempt to discuss issues such as parking and programming.

“People who don’t live in Stony Creek have no concept of what could happen” in regard to parking and traffic, said Dan Bullard, SCA president. Parking in the popular seaside village is typically a problem in the summer and whenever special events occur.

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Jazz Legend Lifts The Green

by Kathryn Cross | Jul 22, 2014 9:11 am

Paul Bass File photo When he was 13, back in 1940, Donn Trenner started his own jazz orchestra, the Donn Trenner Orchestra, at the old downtown Hillhouse High School in New Haven. The orchestra included 16 of his local classmates who played jazz arrangements that Trenner wrote for them.

“Now, there are jazz orchestras in a lot of schools and it’s become a definite art form and it’s very special,” Trenner said. “In my high school, that wasn’t the case.  Mine was the only band,” he told the Eagle in an interview after a recent concert on the Branford Green.

Jazz took over his life, as it has been known to do. He managed to graduate from high school and then took off for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to sign up with a swing band.

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