P&Z Approves Sterling Ridge, SolarCity Project

by Sally E. Bahner | Jul 20, 2017 8:10 am

With PermissionA condominium project with a long and contentious history has received approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z), along with a 9-acre solar panel project by Solar City on Tabor Drive that will supply power to town facilities.

Sterling Ridge, which has been on the Planning and Zoning (PZC) agenda in some form or another since 2003, was submitted as a Planned Development District (PDD) modification at 26 Cherry Hill Road. As a condition of the approval, the project will be subject to various conditions and specific site plans will have to be submitted.


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Legislators Plan Override of Malloy’s Veto of Affordable Housing Revisions

by Diana Stricker | Jul 11, 2017 6:47 am

The CT. MirrorState legislators who overwhelmingly voted to update the state’s Affordable Housing Statute are hoping to override the recent veto by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

The bill, which would have prevented exploitation of the statute, received bipartisan support in both the House of Representatives, which voted 116 - 33 in late May; and the Senate, which voted 30-6 in early June.

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RTM Committee Approves Town Energy Conservation Project

by marcia chambers | Jul 8, 2017 8:04 am

Marcia Chambers PhotoIf the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) agrees, about 20 town buildings, including the high school, the elementary schools, Town Hall, the police building, the transfer station, and the water pollution facility, will receive an energy makeover. The makeover is designed to reduce energy costs and consumption and to save the town money by devising a new energy budget.

Marcia Chambers PhotoThe largest price tag will be the schools because they have the greatest square footage, Aldo Mazzaferro, director of project development for the ECG Group, told the Eagle in an interview. Mazzaferro serves as the Owner’s Representative for all members of the Connecticut Council of Municipalities. The CCM has endorsed this program for cities and towns throughout the state. 

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Inland Wetlands Commission 2017

by Diana Stricker | Jun 19, 2017 6:28 am

Diana Stricker PhotoTwo volunteers are being sought to fill vacancies on the 10-member Inland Wetlands Commission (IWC); and two current members have been re-appointed. The commission has been in flux in the past two years since six members, who wanted to continue serving, were replaced.

The Board of Selectmen (BOS) also made appointments to the Branford Housing Authority to replace people who resigned.


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Global Warming Produces High Asthma Rates

by Diana Stricker | Jun 8, 2017 7:26 am | Comments (2)

File Photo“Climate change is about all of us,” said Anthony Leiserowitz,  director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. “It’s about everybody…the voices are emerging from every part of society.”

Leiserowitz said he has heard doctors, nurses, members of the clergy and the business community speaking up about climate change in recent years. “They’re calling on our leaders to take action,” he said.

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Sterling Ridge Housing Complex Moves Along

by Diana Stricker | May 23, 2017 7:11 am

With PermissionThe new developer of the proposed Sterling Ridge housing complex appears to be close to reaching an understanding with the neighbors.  Attempts by various owners to develop the property over the past decade have been held up by legal appeals filed by the Branford Historical Society and by neighbors.

“We’re very, very close. The applicant has been working with us,” said attorney Chris Smith, of Shipman & Goodwin in Hartford, who represents neighbor Ann Trapasso, an opponent of development at that site.

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Land Use Judge Combines Two Branford Land Commission Appeals

by Diana Stricker | May 4, 2017 6:17 am

File PhotoA half-acre Branford lot that is prone to coastal flooding is gaining notoriety as its owner takes his failed attempts to develop the property to the Land Use section of Hartford Superior Court.

Arsalan Altaf, through his Pawson Road LLC, is appealing denials by the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) regarding a single-family home; and denials by the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission regarding affordable housing on the same lot. Both cases were moved to the Land Use section of Hartford Superior Court, where Judge Marshall K. Berger Jr. recently approved the request by Altaf’s attorney to combine the two cases.

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Walsh: ZBA OKs Height Variance

by Sally E. Bahner | Apr 14, 2017 7:41 am

With PermissionThe Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) heard and subsequently approved hardship arguments this week that will enable the three-story height of a renovated Walsh Intermediate School to go upwards from 35 feet to 46 feet. Four of five commissioners voted in favor of the project. 

The ZBA meeting was a continuance of the March 21 meeting in which members requested more time to survey the property to determine how its height relates to the neighborhood. 

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Branford In Motion Gets Moving

by Diana Stricker | Apr 3, 2017 7:01 am | Comments (1)

There’s good news for walkers and bicyclists in Branford — the new segment of the Shoreline Greenway Trail on the Tabor property should be complete by Fall, and a new committee is organizing called Branford in Motion.

The committee, being organized by Frank Gasparro, will emphasize safe biking and walking, and will explore ways to increase biking opportunities in Branford. There is also interest in the project by New Haven’s City Engineer Giovanni Zinn, who has come up with creative solutions for bike travel in the city.

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Kennedy Seeks End to Spraying Toxic Herbicides along State Highways

by Staff | Mar 28, 2017 7:00 am

With PermissionThe state Senate environmental committee has approved a bi-partisan bill that would ban the Connecticut. Department of Transportation (DOT) from spraying toxic herbicides on state highways and roads. The bill, approved by a vote of 24-6, will soon head to the Senate floor.

As the committee’s business drew to an end, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jr., (D-Branford), co-chair of the committee, led the passage of the bill, which is designed to stop the practice.

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