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Klau: Lawyers Should Take Rare Stand Vs. Trump

by marcia chambers | Sep 22, 2016 3:45 pm | Comments (12)

File Photo When a bar association wants to take a stand against proposed legislation it opposes, it files a friend-of-the court brief. In so doing it takes a position on an issue.

It hasn’t done that in presidential campaigns. A prominent First Amendment lawyer is arguing that for the first time, the state’s bar needs to do so— because of an extraordinary threat to democracy.

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Lt. Guv Wyman Dishes On State and National Politics

by Emily Patton | Jun 21, 2016 7:59 am | Comments (1)

Sally E. Bahner Photo Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman stopped by the Branford Festival Saturday afternoon to lend her support for fellow state Democrats seeking re-election in November, to pose for photographs with them and to say hello to voters.

The Eagle caught up with her for an interview after she stopped by the Democratic Town Committee’s tent. There, she shared her opinions on the upcoming local and national elections, and the role she expects her party to play.

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Branford: Bernie Berns, Trump Triumphant

by Sally E. Bahner | Apr 27, 2016 1:40 pm

File Photo Democrat Bernie Sanders may have lost Connecticut to Hillary Clinton, but he won in Branford yesterday, possibly fueled by a high turnout of young voters, and a high turnout in general, averaging around 50 percent across the seven election districts.

As expected, Donald Trump carried all seven districts on the Republican side, as well as all the states holding primaries Tuesday.

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Presidential Primary Day in Branford

by Marcia Chambers & Sally E. Bahner | Apr 26, 2016 6:59 am

UPDATE—Democrat Registrar of Voters Dan Hally predicted this afternoon that turnout for the Branford Presidential primary would be 45 to 50 percent.

As of around 3 p.m., he said 31.9 percent of eligible voters had cast their ballots, “a good number,” he said, especially given a windy, rainy day. That translates into 3,106 out of 9,700 Branford voters.

Hally said that District 2 had the highest percentage of voters – 35.6 percent; that’s 371 out of 1,043. District 5 had the highest number overall at 561.

“There’s a lot of passion this year,” he said. “We want an 85 to 95 percent turnout!”

Connecticut is one of five Northeast states holding primaries today and turnout is expected to be higher than in past presidential primaries. In 2012, there was a Republican primary, but no Democratic primary because President Barak Obama was running for re-election.

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Branford Gears Up for Presidential Primary

by Sally E. Bahner, Marcia Chambers & Diana Stricker | Apr 21, 2016 6:59 am

Sally E. Bahner Photo Without a doubt, this has been the most colorful Presidential campaign in recent history, punctuated by lively debates and rowdy rallies. According to an article In the New Haven Independent Bernie Sanders may be planning a rally on the New Haven Green Sunday night and Hillary Clinton is scheduled to hold a gun-violence themed event at the YMCA in Hartford in a few hours.

Donald Trump and Clinton won in Tuesday’s New York Primary and a Quinnipiac poll predicts they’ll do the same in Connecticut.

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Amid Buzz About Prez Run, Clinton Decries Child Poverty

by marcia chambers | Oct 5, 2013 9:34 pm | Comments (3)

It seemed that everyone at the Yale Law School reunion Saturday was talking about Hillary Rodham Clinton running for president in 2016. Except Clinton herself.

She talked about children. Impoverished children in particular.

Clinton, 65, was in town to receive the law school’s highest award, the Award of Merit, the same award her husband Bill Clinton received in 1993, the year he became the 42nd President of the United States. It was alumni weekend at the law school, and Hillary Clinton’s 40th class reunion.

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Meyer, Reed, Widlitz Keep Seats

by marcia chambers | Nov 6, 2012 11:29 pm

Mary Johnson Photo UPDATE—(This story contains the final election count.) After a long political campaign against a tenacious opponent, Democratic incumbent Ed Meyer won a fifth term in the State Senate tonight after Branford, Guilford, Durham and Killingworth delivered the votes he needed to keep his 12th District seat.  He lost Madison, but only by 200 votes and he lost in North Branford. 

Democratic State Rep. Lonnie Reed won a third term representing the 102nd District, bringing in 6,001 votes or 58 percent of the votes to her opponent Republican Lori Nicholson’s 4,352 votes or 42 percent tally. This was Nicholson first stab at a state office. She lost last year in a bid for a Board of Education seat.

State Rep. Pat Widlitz, who represents Guilford and two sections of Branford, also retained her seat in the 98th District. Widlitz has served in the Assembly for 18 years and is currently the chair of the legislature’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.  She ran unopposed. Reed told her supporters she was proud to serve them and the town and she was thrilled to be re-elected.  “We’re the real deal. Our core values are aligned with the community,” she said. Widlitz agreed.

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