Hope Suffers a Setback

Photo, Renee Fraser, FacebookHope, a black pit bull-lab mix who was nearly starved to death, has been diagnosed with liver and pancreas issues following blood work and X-rays that were taken Sunday. She had stopped eating or drinking, the staff at the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter reported.

Hope, who is believed to be between 5 and 8 years old, was found by a driver on Route 1 near Branhaven Plaza last week. The driver saw the dog walking and falling down. She stopped, put the dog in her car, and took her across town to the shelter at 749 E. Main St.

The dog, whom shelter staff later named Hope, was emaciated and near death and could not stand up or walk. Her temperature has now returned to normal. She was about 30 pounds when found. She is receiving 24-hour veterinary care. The next two weeks are crucial, Laura Burban, the director of the animal shelter, said.

With Permission“With all that Hope has been through we knew that there could be potential setbacks along the road to her recovery,” Burban said on the shelter’s Facebook page. “Her system is just being overwhelmed with finally having nourishment. The body sometimes does not react positively after being starved for so long, so she is being closely monitored and treated.”

This morning Hope will get an ultrasound to observe the conditions of her organs. “We are still feeling cautiously optimistic that Hope will pull through all this. She began eating and drinking small amounts again today. Once again she is being treated 24 hours a day and we will continue that for quite some time.

“We will continue to post Hope’s progress and any setbacks that she has because we realize how many people care so much for her and are praying for her recovery and her survival. We know that these setbacks are extremely emotionally draining for everyone (none of us have slept either), but we do want to keep everyone updated no matter whether we have good or bad news,” Burban said on the shelter’s Facebook page.
“We really have to give a big shout out to all the vets, vet techs and staff that have been helping with Hope’s recovery. These people have worked tirelessly around the clock to stabilize Hope. They have taken her into their own homes every night so she can snuggle with them and be warm and cozy in a bed, all the while transporting their equipment and medical devices back and forth with them…. We truly believe that these people have given Hope the best chance to survive and thrive and we are eternally grateful for their medical care and love.

“People have been reaching out and asking how to donate: Donations can be made via Paypal at branfordanimalshelter.org and click on Donate or by mailing it to 749 East Main St., Branford, CT 06405. For everyone who has followed Hope, donated, called, emailed, sent items on behalf of Hope – we are so forever grateful for your support, caring and concern.”


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