Rowe and Harris Light Up The Green

Bill O'Brien Photo The Branford Green became electric on a recent Thursday night when Jay Rowe of Milford, well-known and popular keys player, teamed up with the exciting and passionate saxophonist Jeanette Harris of Fresno, California, in a sort of an “East meets West” hot jazz performance.

Bill O'Brien Photo Rowe {pictured) is somewhat of a regular at the Branford Jazz Series, performing with his own group or as part of other guest artists groups. In either case, he’s well received every time he’s in town and has a group of followers that are always here when he performs.

Bill O'Brien Photo “I’m a native of Milford, but Branford is like a second home to me,” said Rowe, while he was introducing Harris, who was playing here for the first time.

In the pre-concert press release, Harris said she was excited to perform here for the first time, “I look forward to meeting everyone at this amazing series and having a funky good time.”

Bill O'Brien Photo Harris also made it out to the audience and they loved it.

Bill O'Brien Photo As the night went on, the music got members of the audience up dancing and even brought Harris off the stage and into the crowd.

Bill O'Brien Photo Here Harris gets a rose from a fan. 

Bill O'Brien Photo Referred to as “The Starchild of the Saxophone that touches hearts with every breath she takes,” she wailed on her sax and the audience loved it.

Bill O'Brien Photo Rowe was his usual intense self, whether he was playing one of his smooth jazz hits or bouncing around with one of his lively heavy hitting classics.

Bill O'Brien Photo Jay and Jeanette were joined on stage with Dave Anderson on bass (pictured) and Trevor Summerfield, making for a fine-tuned foursome.

Bill O'Brien Photo Here’s Summerfield, keeping the beat.

Bill O'Brien Photo Cosgrove Animal Shelter Director Laura Burban brought her niece Danielle to the Green.

Bill O'Brien Photo A regular at the jazz concerts gives a big wave.

Bill O'Brien Photo Cheryl and Bruce Franklin (pictured) of Guilford, who were relaxing in the back of the Green with some light refreshments enjoying the music, both liked the smooth sounds of the group. “I was looking forward to hearing Miss Harris perform,” said Bruce Franklin. “Her reputation preceded her and I haven’t been disappointed.”

Bill O'Brien Photo Rev. Bill Keane thanks the sponsors for their support at intermission.

Bill O'Brien Photo The group takes a bow after their popular performance. 

Last week’s jazz concert was rained out.  On tap for this Thursday is a jazz duo featuring Oli Silk & JJ Sansaverino, starting at 6:30 p.m.


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