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Calling All Type Os

Here’s a secret: The New Haven Independent is not part of a multinational media conglomerate with a billion-dollar budget that has room to pay for proofreaders. (Actually, trying to get multinational media conglomerates to spend change on proofreaders these days isn’t always easy, anyway.)

So we need your help!

Any time you find a misspelling or other typographical error in a story on our site, please let us know by e-mailing us with the form below.

Ever grateful for the help, we will keep track of how many typos each reader catches. To say thanks, we will periodically award the leading typo-catcher a free New Haven Independent coffee mug. We may not have a budget for proofreaders. But we do have a line item for “thank you” gifts.

Typo Submission Form

Please include the story title or link to the page.

Please enter the word you see in the image below:

Typo-Catcher Standings

Here are the most recently updated figures for Independent typo-catchers:

Round beginning Aug. 29, 2016:
Barb Levine-Ritterman 62
Scott Greenberg 32
Christopher Whitback 4
Judi Janette 2
Janna King 2
Debbie Elkin 1
Yan Searcy 1
Misha Rabinovich 1
Bruce Crowder 1
Roger Senserrich 1
Martha Smith 1

Round beginning Jan. 7, 2015:
Anne Tubis 522
Barb Levine-Ritterman 205
Gretchen Pritchard 109
Kelly Monaghan 45
Bradley 36
Lynda Blancato 27
Karen King 20
Martha Smith 16
N’Zinga Shani 9
Debbie Elkin 6
Anstress Farwell 6
Juli Stupakevich 4
Alex Karman 3
Jennifer Sun 2
Al Lucas 2
Paul Wessel 2
Citoyen 2
Mickey Mercier 2
Kevin McCarthy 2
Tracey Johnson 2
Stuart Miller 2
Dennis Riordan 1
Avital SIlverman 1
Jenya Weinreb 1
Pat Dillon 1
Janna Wagner 1
Melissa Bailey 1
Noelle Shipley 1
Peter Cunningham 1
Katie P 1
Anna Mariotti 1
Laurence Grotheer 1
Loretta 1
Jayuan Carter 1
Thomas Breen 1
Mario Cerame 1
Pamela Soulos 1
Kelly Monaghan 1
David Elkin-Ginnetti 1
Hart Friedman 1
Caroline Rosenstone 1
Mark D’Antonio 1

Round beginning June 30, 2014:
Pamela Soulos 245
Gretchen Pritchard 97
RY King 15
Alyson Heimer 13
Amy Marx 9
Martha Smith 7
Anstress Farwell 5
Barb Levine-Ritterman 4
Rick Lawson 4
Jack Kramer 2
Randi Ruben Rodriguez 2
Anne Sommer 2
Paul Wessel 2
Rebecca Miller 2
Dennis Wilson 2
Nicole Garger 1
Edward Anderson 1
Noelle Shipley 1
Carole Chu 1
Greta Blau 1
Mickey Mercier 1
Nick Allen 1
Dennis Wilson 1
Martha Smith 1
Anthony 1
Jane 1
Robbin Seipold 1
Kelly Monaghan 1
Chris Willems 1

Previous round:

Gretchen Pritchard 90
Alyson Heimer 32
Colin Burke 9
Tom Breen 6
Martha Smith 4
Sarah Eidelson 3
Nick Allen 2
Cyn Savo 2
Barb Levine-Ritterman 2
Anstress Farwell 2
Martha Smith 1
Dana Marnane 1
Laura Rosado 1
Steve Whinfield 1
Anne Sommer 1
Scott Muir 1
Bill Richo 1
Andrew Small 1
Carole Chu 1

Our Past Winners:
Gretchen Pritchard
Debbie Elkin & Mindi Englart
Anne Sommer
Karen Wood
Susan Papa
Alyson Heimer & Anne Sommer
Leanna Boychenko & Sean Harrigan
Chuck Riley
Jonathan Boulware
Laurie Desiato
Juli Stupakevich
Matt Presser
Natalie Shonka
Dennis Kelly
Hunter Smith
Christian Pettker
Keith Johnson
Chris Lewine
Heather Locklear
Dave Kysela
Jonathan Boulware
Deborah Marcuse
Jonathan Boulware
Mark Abraham
Karen Wood
Alex Karman
Joe Jolly
Bruce Crowder
Jon-Jay Tilsen
Keith Malloy
Peter Stein**

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