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Commenting requires that JavaScript functionality (this is not the same as Java) as well as enabling “accept cookies” are both turned on in your browser. You can check this by reading the following two lines. If everything is running properly both should be green.

If the 2 lines above confirm that your JavaScript and Cookies are both enabled and you are still having a problem, you can try deleting your cookies for this site (they may have gotten corrupt, follow instructions for “some” or “specific” cookies as you may want to keep cookies for other sites), additionally check to see if you have recently activated something like an ad blocker, an new anti-virus application, a pop-up blocker, etc. These may possibly interfere with operation. As of January 2010, you may now register for an account. See details below.

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Commenting now requires that you register for an account (see link at top of page). It is free, we will not share any of your information or post your real name or email address on the site. Your comments will be posted under the name you enter as your screen name. All you need is to submit a valid email address. You will be sent a verification email with a link that must be clicked within 24 hours to self-validate your account. Once you have validated your account, you may log in.

TrueVote Thinks you Voted?

The way the poll system identifies users is by associating the voter’s router address (IP address) with the vote.
You can view your current IP address here:

Only one vote can be taken per IP address. So if you are in a location that shares the same web router (which is most likely the case in an office or school), all users sharing that internet connection will have the same IP address.

We are aware that this may limit participation in some cases, but it also serves to minimize poll manipulation. In the future, we may consider requiring individuals to have a registered account in order to vote so that we can distinguish one voter from another, but at this time we find using the IP address as the identifier to be the least obstructive option. Disabling the IP-Address-as-ID function would allow the potential for anyone to vote multiple times wherever and whenever they wanted, so overall this is the best option we have at this time.

Individuals can still participate as long as they are submitting their vote from a unique location — from their home, a coffee shop, anywhere that has an IP address that has yet to be used to register a vote for that particular poll.

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Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to locate an article without this information since there are tens of thousands of entries.

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