Humphrey’s Reborn With Pizza, Craft Beer

by Thomas Breen | Jul 5, 2018 8:12 am | Comments (17)

Mike Zullo tossed a ball of pizza dough in the air, rolled it flat, and topped it with sauteed mushrooms and slices of yellow summer squash that had been prepared in an adjacent kitchen earlier in the day.

As he lifted the pizza into a massive wood-fired oven, customers just a few feet away flipped through a drinks menu that contains cocktails infused with syrups and infusions made in that very same kitchen.

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Refugees Unite One Dish At A Time

by Allison Park | Jun 19, 2018 4:50 pm | Comments (4)

Allison Park PhotoZainab Al-Qaderi had a satisfied smile on her face as she presented her guests with her sweet Iraqi specialty called kanafa. The guests dug in, with their forks gently cracking the crispy outer layer of shredded phyllo dough, to reveal creamy layers of baked goodness: a filling of sweet cheese and clotted cream, with a dainty pistachio garnish. She motioned her guests towards a small jar full of syrup and urged them to drizzle the sugar-water concoction over the dish to enhance the flavor.

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