Return To The Scene Of The Infraction

by Markeshia Ricks | Jun 21, 2018 7:58 am | Comments (6)

Markeshia Ricks PhotosSix years ago, nearly to the day, New Haven cop Betsy Segui arrested artist and Ideat Village festival co-founder Bill Saunders at Pitkin Plaza on charges of interfering with a police officer, disorderly conduct, and inciting a riot.

On Wednesday, they both returned to the scene of that arrest — along with jurors who will decide whether Segui was wrong to arrest Saunders that day, violated his First Amendment rights, and used excessive force.

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Body-Cam Tech Is A Need, Not A Want

by Rev. Steven Cousin | Jun 8, 2018 2:03 pm | Comments (5)

(Opinion)—During the past few months, the budget for the City of New Haven has become a hotly contested issue. The city is facing a $20 million deficit in its Board of Education, rising costs for health benefits in its pensions, and a decline in financial support from the state. These conditions force New Haven residents to live by the motto, “we have to do more with less.” In order to address the city’s problems, some tough budgetary decisions were made.

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