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Booktrader Turns 20 — In Literary Costume

by Molly Montgomery | Oct 29, 2018 1:50 pm | Comments (1)

MOLLY MONTGOMERY PHOTOThree years ago, during the long New Haven winter, I shuffled down Chapel Street to Booktrader Café. I was homesick for New Mexico and scanned the tall, room-length literature section of the bookstore for a trace of the Southwest. I spotted Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing and began reading it in the café area, soaking up the light that poured through the glass walls and ceiling, pretending I was beneath the New Mexican sky.

But the details of Booktrader were hard to ignore –  the conversations over fresh-made sandwiches and coffee at the crowded tables, the pedestrians who peered in as they wandered by the glass walls, and, of course, the shelves with more books. With all its banter and browsing, the café/bookstore quickly became one of my favorite spots in the city.

It turns out many other people in New Haven feel the same way about the place. That was clear as staff and community members celebrated the independent used bookstore’s 20th birthday with wine, candy apples, and a literary costume contest.

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Grand Avenue Dreams

by Allan Appel | Oct 24, 2018 11:08 am | Comments (12)

Allan Appel PhotoA grocery, a deli, florist, a coffee shop, or an all-purpose hardware store so you wouldn’t have to drive five miles to pick up a nut, bolt, or screw.

An ethnic restaurant with tables on the sidewalk, to be welcoming. Something that says “neighborhood.”

And how about lowering traffic speeds, less loitering, and attracting foot traffic beyond clients of social service agencies?

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