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Ibn Orator Cracks The Fishbowl

by Brian Slattery | Nov 15, 2018 12:39 pm | Comments (1)

A note bends down on a synth. There’s a harp flourish. A beat drops. And a clip from a lecture runs. “What do we see what we look at art?” a voice says. “Consider how something is made as well as what it is.” The voice shifts. Art is “not that different from having a conversation with someone.”

The music on gets a little more menacing, and that’s when Ibn Orator comes in, dropping lines that break across the beat in inventive inflections that range from funny to piercing. “I get muscle spasms every time you ask if I’m still doing music,” he raps. “Nobody asks if you still racked in the 9 to 5 / Nobody asks if a lion catches its food alive…. I want to say please wait and enjoy the ride.”

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State House Moves In Sound Direction

by Allison Hadley | Nov 12, 2018 7:49 am

Allison Hadley PhotosIt is rare that a concert takes so much time to meditate on its most fundamental element: sound. The triple billing of Stefan Christensen, Weeping Bong Band, and Nathan Bowles Trio all deliberately stayed beyond the paradigm of song and instead lingered in a prolonged meditation of sound itself, and how sound, when extended and distorted, can be all that one needs.

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Fake Four Inc. Celebrates Ten Years of Art and Music

by Karen Ponzio | Nov 8, 2018 8:06 am | Comments (1)

Jon NagelNew Haven-based record label Fake Four Inc is marking its 10th anniversary through celebration, retrospection and introspection. Fake Four was started by Ceschi Ramos and his brother David in 2008 and became so much more than a business; the brothers are acknowledging this milestone with a show on Saturday, Nov. 10, at Three Sheets New Haven on Elm Street.

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Charlie Parr And Ghost Of Paul Revere Fill The Space

by Allison Hadley | Nov 5, 2018 12:32 pm

Allison Hadley PhotosCharlie Parr and the Ghost of Paul Revere mindfully walked the line between folk and Americana Sunday night at the Space Ballroom. It was a quiet night, the room filled with 50 or so laid-back but enthusiastic people, milling about and wandering the newly clean walls of the Hamden spot; the room continues to be intimate, but the production values higher.

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Thurston Moore Brings Show Full Of Ideas

by Daniel Shoemaker | Nov 5, 2018 12:30 pm

Daniel Shoemaker PhotoSaturday evening’s show at the State House on State Street, featuring and curated by indie rock legend Thurston Moore, brought an eclectic assortment of performers together for a night of multimedia boundary pushing that defied the conventions of your average “music icon comes to town” nostalgia act. On this night, no laurels were rested upon. Acknowledgments were made to each performer’s rich past, but all of them trotted out new ideas and projects in a way rarely seen from behind the safety of a long and laudatory career.

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Josh Sinton Takes A Break From Taking A Break

by Brian Slattery | Nov 5, 2018 7:30 am

Peter Gannushkin PhotoBaritone saxophonist Josh Sinton — who is scheduled to perform as part of Predicate Trio at Firehouse 12 on Crown Street this Friday with cellist Chris Hoffmann and drummer Tom Rainey — didn’t expect to be in the middle of a real conversation about how people make a living playing music. In a broader sense, he didn’t expect to be playing music at all, anymore.

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The Van Pelt Tests It Out

by Daniel Shoemaker | Nov 1, 2018 1:11 pm

Despite having formed a quarter of a century ago, and having played any number of basement shows in town, The Van Pelt will make its first-ever club show appearance Friday night at The State House — ”at least as best as I can recall,” said drummer Neil O’Brien. “If anyone has a flier to the contrary, I’d like to see it.”

For a band completely comprised of non-residents, The Van Pelt has deep New Haven roots. Its members have been connected to New Haven’s indie rock scene for decades. And lately, it has written new material here — material that the Elm City will get to hear first.

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