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Humans Rescue Goats From Rain

by Allan Appel | Oct 5, 2018 1:17 pm | Comments (2)

Friends of Edgewood Park PhotoThe six friendly goats who have been eating away invasive species in Edgewood Park since May get lots of visitors and daily buckets of fresh drinking water provided by their sponsors, the Friends of Edgewood Park (FOEP), and other neighboring humans.

Apart from that, the animals are fairly self sufficient and probably find humans, as we find them, curious, yet hardly indispensable.

That changed last week when intense rains turned Edgewood Park into a true flood plain, rising so high as to cover most of the knotweed and poison ivy the goats require to live.

When the rains wouldn’t let up, the goats needed humans to rescue them.

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East Side Parks To Get Some Love

by Allan Appel | Oct 4, 2018 7:10 am | Comments (5)

Allan Appel PhotoArtie Natalino and his father before him have been active in sustaining the quality of life in Fair Haven Heights for more than half a century.

That includes helping to organize and sustain the little league headquartered at Fairmont Park, and even personally getting after the decades-long problem of illegal dumpers at Quarry Park Preserve on Russell Street at the top of Grand Avenue.

Natalie is about to get some help, as those two long neglected parks on the east side of the city are poised to get some municipal love.

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Proprietors “Take Back The Green”

by Thomas Breen | Sep 21, 2018 2:52 pm | Comments (35)

Thomas Breen photoDozens of city residents gathered on the New Haven Green to witness a spectacle that, if only for an hour, seemed to transform the historic park at the middle of Downtown.

But unlike the 100-plus synthetic-marijuana-related poisonings that drew local, state, and national attention to a public health crisis at the city center last month, Friday afternoon’s eye-catching activity at the corner of Church Street and Chapel Street was filled with dancing, music, and joy.

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