Campaign 2018

To Just Enough People, Race Didn’t Matter

by Steve Hamm | Nov 7, 2018 2:01 pm | Comments (3)

Steve Hamm photo(Updated) Like other New Haveners heading out of town to try to propel a blue wave this election season, New Haven journalist and filmmaker Steve Hamm traveled across state lines to campaign for New York Congressional candidate Antonio Delgado. Here’s what Hamm has to say about his experience campaigning for the New York Democratic challenger:

Even among died-in-the-wool Democrats, misinformation about immigrants stirs up fear and resentment. That’s one scary insight I picked up while canvassing for Antonio Delgado, a Black Latino who is running for Congress in New York’s 19th District—in the mid-Hudson Valley.

It wasn’t bad enough to decide the outcome of the election.In a victory for decency, enough white voters overlooked race to elect a black man in the whitest congressional district in New York.

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Stefanowski Concedes In Governor’s Race; New Haven Puts Lamont Over The Top

by Paul Bass | Nov 7, 2018 9:32 am | Comments (15)

Thomas Breen Photo(Updated) Ned Lamont will be the next governor of Connecticut, thanks to New Haven.

Voters here gave Lamont a 23,278-vote victory margin—which will continue to grow as more votes are counted — over Republican Bob Stefanowski, the largest single vote total in the state.

Stefanowski conceded to the Greenwich Democrat on Wednesday morning, even as New Haven continued counting its ballots after a disastrous election day muddled by broken voting machines.

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