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Protesters To City: Declare Climate Emergency

by Thomas Breen | Dec 14, 2018 7:38 am | Comments (16)

Thomas Breen photoThe planet is facing a man-made climate emergency, and the only proper response is to mobilize as if it were the next world war.

Nearly 20 local climate activists issued that call to arms on Thursday afternoon as they rallied around a new proposed resolution for the city to declare a climate emergency and to dedicate more time, money, and manpower towards immediate environmental change at the local level.

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Wood Chips, Stumps Threaten Wetland

by Sam Gurwitt | Dec 10, 2018 12:10 pm

Sam Gurwitt PhotoJust south of the parking lot, a large yellow backhoe sat atop a mound of dirt, logs, and other bits of debris in a large clearing. Tires had gouged the mud all around into deep ruts.

To the east, the clearing sloped down to a small marshy area, on the other side of which the Farmington Canal Trail could be seen through the trees. A large mat of straw mulch had been laid out on the slope, covering the exposed soil below.

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