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New Corrections Chief Vows Prison Reform

by Thomas Breen | Mar 6, 2019 1:22 pm | Comments (6)

Harry Droz photoWhen Rollin Cook started his career as a correctional officer in Utah 30 years ago, the criminal justice system prioritized handling inmates with force.

As the new head of Connecticut’s prison system, Cook plans to build off of his predecessor’s reform legacy by championing communication and rehabilitation rather than physical punishment for those behind bars, as well as anti-discrimination for the recently released.

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1,000 Books Laid Path For Reentry

by Thomas Breen | Feb 19, 2019 2:55 pm

Thomas Breen photoJeffrey Abramowitz read over 1,000 books and taught over 50 classes while behind bars.

Now out of prison but still on probation, the trial lawyer-turned-criminal justice reformer still sees the best route to successful reentry coming through a combination of self-improvement, adult education, and more and better job opportunities for the recently incarcerated.

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Criminal Record Controversy Propels Legislative Candidate

by Thomas Breen | Sep 12, 2018 12:19 pm | Comments (2)

CT News Junkie photoIn November 2013, Kennard Ray got the job as deputy chief of staff to then-Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra.

But less than one day after his appointment, Ray withdrew his nomination for the position under pressure from a mayoral administration that claimed it knew nothing about Ray’s decade-old criminal record until a local newspaper started asking.

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