City Green Energy Operation Pitches Bysiewicz

by Allan Appel | Oct 24, 2018 6:50 am | Comments (1)

Allan Appel PhotoA thriving small factory in the New Haven harbor district that turns french fry and other vegetable oil and animal fat into carbon emission-reducing biodiesel fuel has over the past year increased its production capacity from 20 million gallons a year to 40 million –  in part because it had a $20 million infusion of private investment for upgrades and new equipment.

It needs government help to take the next step to become a bigger part of the Connecticut’s green energy future.

Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Susan Bysiewicz heard that story –  and request –  when she made a campaign stop Wednesday morning American GreenFuels on Waterfront Street in New Haven’s harbor district.

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Humans Rescue Goats From Rain

by Allan Appel | Oct 5, 2018 1:17 pm | Comments (2)

Friends of Edgewood Park PhotoThe six friendly goats who have been eating away invasive species in Edgewood Park since May get lots of visitors and daily buckets of fresh drinking water provided by their sponsors, the Friends of Edgewood Park (FOEP), and other neighboring humans.

Apart from that, the animals are fairly self sufficient and probably find humans, as we find them, curious, yet hardly indispensable.

That changed last week when intense rains turned Edgewood Park into a true flood plain, rising so high as to cover most of the knotweed and poison ivy the goats require to live.

When the rains wouldn’t let up, the goats needed humans to rescue them.

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