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Daniels Parents Plead With Birks On Staff Cuts

by Allan Appel | Sep 21, 2018 8:08 am | Comments (7)

Allan Appel PhotoThe John C. Daniels Inderdistrict Magnet School library has become a “ghost town.” The science fair, the school play, the book fair, and the student-made school bulletin are in jeaprody. The website is not being updated. Setting up and linking the teachers’ computers have also become difficult.

Meanwhile, the school’s longtime library media specialist, Patricia McGovern, the person who knows where to find the light switch in the auditorium and every room key, has been cut from full to half time. That has meant a loss of institutional memory in a school that has seen changing leadership over the last years.

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Did APT Help?

by Paul Bass | Sep 7, 2018 2:16 pm | Comments (28)

Christopher Peak PhotoA woman arrested for shoplifting told the cops she travels to New Haven from Waterbury each day to get methadone. And she feels she’s not getting the help she needs to wean herself off it.

Her story sounded familiar.

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