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2nd Kid Poisoned After City Ordered Repairs

by Christopher Peak | Jun 22, 2018 8:28 am | Comments (4)

Christopher Peak PhotoA mom whose 3-year-old son is sick with lead-poisoning called the New Haven Health Department more than 20 times, begging for someone to enforce the laws and clean up the cracked and flaking paint at her Edgewood apartment.

After a month of messages, an inspector finally came out and confirmed the walls were coated with lead. But for the next five months, the property remained largely unabated. During that time, her 11-month-old son was poisoned too.

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Budget Crisis Just Beginning

by Paul Bass | Jun 22, 2018 8:21 am | Comments (17)

Paul Bass PhotoTaxpayers are hopping mad about a 11 percent hike in the bills they began receiving this week; some have begun organizing community meetings to explore possible actions against it.

But based on a look at the government’s structural financial woes, the city would have had to raise taxes almost twice as much to truly balance the annual budget taking effect July 1 — or figure out how to cut another $30 million.

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Mayor Vetoes Tax Reduction Order

by Thomas Breen | Jun 21, 2018 1:18 pm | Comments (21)

Thomas Breen photoMayor Toni Harp vetoed a Board of Alders order that requires any “additional revenue” received by the city for the next fiscal year to go towards reducing the city’s new 11 percent tax increase.

That veto comes just a few days after the city’s Parking Authority agreed to send over an additional $2 million to the city to help shore up its struggling finances.

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Bike Share Ad Panel Riles East Rock

by Allan Appel | Jun 14, 2018 12:20 pm | Comments (20)

Allan Appel PhotoWhen Andrea Konetchy heard workmen pouring concrete across from her house at the corner of Linden and Orange streets, she thought: Fine, the sidewalk is being repaired.

To her dismay, what emerged was a new sidewalk, but a eight-by-five-foot metallic stanchion bearing a McDonald’s advertisement.

The ad is part of the city’s popular new bike share program,  Bike New Haven, whose architecture program, placement, and advertising content are upsetting some people other neighborhoods as well.

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