Craig Gilbert Goes With The FLOW

by Karen Ponzio | Jul 10, 2018 7:34 am

Karen Ponzio PhotosWhat do a Tyrannosaurus Rex carrying a Hobbit in its mouth, a lederhosen-wearing man and his pregnant wife standing outside their trailer with a three-legged dog, and a bunch of big eyed ducklings sliding down a rainbow emitting from a unicorn’s backside have in common?

Well, they actually have three things in common. First, they are all characters from New England Brewing Company’s beer labels. Second, they are all on display at an art show at Kehler Liddell Gallery that premieres this Saturday, July 14. And third, they were all birthed in the mind of artist Craig Gilbert.

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Chilling Cabaret Demands Attention

by E.A. McMullan | Jul 2, 2018 12:06 pm

Sam Plattus, director of Cabaret — playing now at Lyric Hall in Westville until July 15 — met us, his guests, with warmth and enthusiasm on our way into the auditorium. We found the stage filled with the cast in their attire, quiet chatter and knowing smirks abounding as they managed their preparations. Just after a hush settled over the whole room, Plattus walked to the foot of the apron.

“Today there were protests all across the country. ... It was really important to the whole cast that they were happening,” Plattus said. “I’ve learned, working on this show, that we live in a very fragile world. It looks more fragile by the day. It’s the responsibility of all of us together to make sure that the world doesn’t break.”

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New Theater Company Comes To The Cabaret

by Brian Slattery | Jun 13, 2018 7:54 am

Brian Slattery PhotoCliff Bradshaw (Nate Houran) has just interrupted his love interest, Sally Bowles (Jay Eddy), canoodling with another man. She storms offstage and Cliff moves to follow her. He’s stopped by Ernst (Jeremy Funke), who wants to make a deal with him. Cliff wants no part of it. Ernst is a little confused, but not thrown off his game.

“I know you need the money,” he says, “so it must be something else. Ah — that Jew at the party?”

That’s when Cliff hits Ernst, landing a punch right in his stomach.

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