Working Mom’s Diary

Quality Time = Work Guilt

by Vanessa Fasanella | Jul 20, 2012 12:12 pm | Comments (7)

I didn’t have to work last weekend. Not Saturday, not Sunday, not one day! My little girl and I spent half of Sunday at a friend’s, swimming in the pool all afternoon with two of her best friends. I didn’t wear a watch. I didn’t clock out for lunch. I tried to teach a 4-year-old how to swim, I applied and reapplied sunscreen, and I smiled.

Later that night I felt guilty. I knew that some of my coworkers had been at work from 11 to 4, and that I hadn’t been.

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GPS Punks Out; Facebook Comes Through

by Vanessa Fasanella | Jul 12, 2012 12:32 pm | Comments (1)

Kathleen Cei PhotoThe past week was filled with paranoia and guilt and exhaustion.

Last Sunday I had an all-day adventure with my two girls and my mother-in-law, who volunteered to help me drive my older daughter to camp. She chose to attend a Girl Scout camp out of state, sight unseen, because it offered a baking program she loved. We prepared for camp by watching baking shows on Netflix (as we don’t have cable), and scrambling to buy new T shirts and shorts (as she wore a uniform to school every day and doesn’t own a lot of clothes).

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Psst: Look Who’s “Off” On A Saturday

by Vanessa Fasanella | Jul 4, 2012 1:15 pm | Comments (17)

Kathleen Cei Photo

This was another week of backlash and consequence at work. To recap: I had asked the manager if I could stop working every Saturday so I could spend more time with my kids, and he agreed. So now I work Monday through Friday and the last Saturday of every month. But the guys I work with now resent me being there (I’m the only girl) and are upset by the manager’s decision. They think I’m getting special treatment.

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