Dozens More Laid Off At Register

Another wave of layoffs has hit the New Haven Register, this time affecting copyeditors and sports staffers, among others.

Unlike in past layoffs, management refused to confirm details of the latest moves. Nor did management hold a newsroom meeting or distribute a companywide memo (another departure from past practice). So no firm numbers of layoffs were available. Register employees were left to sharing rumors and firsthand reports from laid-off coworkers all day Tuesday to gauge how hard their paper was hit this time.

According to people familiar with the layoffs, as many as 30 employees—certainly more than 20—are believed to have lost their jobs in New Haven and at the company’s Torrington daily paper and monthly Connecticut magazine.

Some 12-15 employees who work in the daily newspaper’s Gando Drive offices learned that they’ll be out of a job sometime around Christmas.

The employees comprised the New England design “hub” of the Register’s parent company, Digital First Media. That hub’s now history; stories are to be edited and laid out in company offices out of state.

Two longtime editors—Rick Sandella, who oversees features, and Ann Dallas, in charge of graphics—also got the axe. As did several members of the sports department.

Diana Li Photo“We will not comment on this personnel matter,” stated Register Publisher Kevin Corrado (pictured) in response to requests for comment sent to the Register’s local editor and to Digital Media’s Colorado central office.

The state Depertment of Labor did not as of late Tuesday have a notice on its website from the company detailing the layoffs.

Click here and here to read about other buyouts and layoffs at the company in recent years.

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posted by: Walt on November 10, 2015  7:57pm

Not much left.—little value in the newspaper and very unreliable delivery service,

The Jacksons,  Bob Leeney, Charley McQueeney and many others must be spinning in their graves


posted by: Peter99 on November 11, 2015  6:42am

Their timing is immaculate. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to the New haven Register valued employees. There is no mercy, no compassion and a complete lack of decency in most of corporate America. They could have waited until January to ruin the lives of these families.

posted by: Dickerman_Street on November 11, 2015  3:04pm

Ugh, I hate this. As a former staffer, I have to say, this goes far beyond money or whichever corporation/hedge fund owns the Register now.

There are some great people there, but the culture is awful, and it shows in the product. Every front page is either a murder sentencing or some feature on a senior center. Nothing against murder victims or seniors, but there’s so much more going on in the region - as The Independent proves.

The Register’s biggest problem is a lack of editorial leadership. The people in charge don’t want to change a thing. They just keep printing the same 1990s-looking, bleeds-it-leads garbage paper every day. I can’t imagine anyone between the ages of 18 and 34 even knows the Register exists. Next time they need to cut costs, fire the people who are running that newsroom and bring in people who aren’t afraid to do new things - and not just using Twitter more. Bring in people who will really cover Yale or city government or any of the 1 million good stories around the region.

Otherwise, just close it. Get it all over with at once.