3K “Sequester” Furloughs

Five hundred kids would lose Head Start spots. Eighty people who work with kids with disabilities would lose their jobs. Three thousand civilian defense workers would be furloughed.

Those are some of the estimates of the collateral damage to Connecticut if Congress fails to reach a last-minute deficit-reduction deal this week and the so-called “Sequester”—$85 billion in deep across-the-board federal budget cuts—take place.

The estimates come from the White House. In addition to the aforementioned impacts, the estimates include a $2 million loss of environmental funding, 200 evaporated child-care slots, and a $341,000 loss in money to help Connecticut tackle public-health threats like “infectious diseases, natural disasters, and biological, chemical, nuclear, and radiological events.

Click here for the full list.

Click here for background on the sequester.


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posted by: SaveOurCity on February 25, 2013  10:18am

Thanks Obama - Sequester sure is a swell idea

posted by: OhHum on February 25, 2013  11:03am

The White House suggested the Sequester and to no ones surprise is using it to bash Congress. Is the Gov’t schizophrenic? (rhetorical question) This is an 84 billion cut in spending, most of which will come from very large Gov’t agencies like the DOD. The White House is creating a panic where none exists. Just look at the talking points. Police, Kids, Teachers, The Disabled, The Elderly. The only emotionally charged talking point that’s been left out is Puppies. Will it come as a surprise to anyone when the White House suggests that to save the children, police, teachers, etc. we’ll all have to sacrifice and pay higher taxes. Big Gov’t costs Big Money and if we let it happen there is only one place to get it. You and Me.

posted by: Dee Rien on February 25, 2013  5:23pm

Save, you know full well why the sequester happened—because the Republicans were holding the debt ceiling hostage, and were willing to let the United States go into DEFAULT on its obligations. Who does that? Only insane people. You think we just had a recession? Imagine what would have happened to a nation in default. So the sequester was proposed to get them to raise the ceiling and save the economy. 174 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for it, you know. No matter how many times Fox News tries to make this Obama’s fault, it’s not. All the Republicans had to do was raise the debt ceiling, like they did time after time after time for Bush, and none of this would have happened. It’s ALL on the GOP.

OhHum, do realize that government spending has grown at the slowest rate under President Obama than under the four previous presidents—THREE of whom were Republicans, I hope (and the second-lowest spender is the other Democrat, Bill Clinton)? And that was WITH President Obama’s stimulus packages included. This notion that President Obama and Democrats are profligate spenders is beyond myth. It is an absolute LIE. Look it up.