Resolution Opposes Fed Anti-Immigrant Effort

Melissa Bailey File PhotoIt’s called “Secure Communities.” But Alderwoman Migdalia Castro said the immigration-enforcement program results only in scared communities.

Fair Haven’s Alderwoman Castro is the lead name on a resolution submitted to the Board of Aldermen Monday night that would call on Gov. Dannel Malloy to refuse to comply with Secure Communities.

That’s a federal initiative that requires local law enforcement officials to share fingerprint information on arrestees with the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), in an effort to enforce immigration violations.

The program has already seen significant pushback from state and municipal governments nationwide. See Mary O’Leary’s Register article here.

The matter is now headed to committee, where it will be subject to public hearing.

“It’s about doing what’s right, what’s fair,” said Castro Monday night. The program “opens the door to profiling” she said. “We don’t want to go backwards.”

Secure Communities is a waste of time and resources and serves only to scare people, she said.

“Even the Department of Homeland Security has problems with the way some people have implemented it,” said Hill Alderman Jorge Perez, whose name is also on the submission.

The official submission to the board states that under Secure Communities implementation in Fairfield County, the majority of people deported had either no criminal record or only minor offenses.

The submission also notes that the program runs counter to the New Haven general order preventing police from asking people about their immigration status.

“We’re not interested in the police department becoming immigration enforcers,” Perez said.

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posted by: THREEFIFTHS on December 6, 2011  8:54am

I was driving in orange the other day and my car got hit and total. The driver had no license,But he had a New Haven I D Card.Maybe he was a illegal immigrant,I don’t know.But the poilce should be able to run a check to see if he is.

P.S. I hope I can sue the city of New Haven.

posted by: Curious on December 6, 2011  9:02am

A crime should be a crime, whether a community in the area likes the kind of people that are engaging in that crime or not.

posted by: Noteworthy on December 6, 2011  9:28am

The assertions by Perez/Castro are awfully broad. Perhaps they could provide a few details besides these emotionally/politically driven comments. If we are leading the city to oppose a program, citizens have a right to know the specifics that underpin this resolution. Specifically:

1. How is not complying fair and right? Castro

2. How does it open the door on profiling? Castro

3. What have been the problems on implementation that DHS agrees with? Perez

4. How does Secure Communities waste time and resources? Castro

posted by: JAK on December 6, 2011  2:13pm

So, if the person who hit Threefifths is undocumented and doesn’t possess a drivers license, presumably he does not carry collision insurance. 

Questions for the alders:  What should happen to him if he was found to have caused the accident to do a moving violation?

What should happen to him if he didn’t cause the accident but was operating a motor vehicle without a licence and insurance?

If Threefifths filed a civil suit for damages to his car, and the court found out that the guy was getting paid under the table and not paying taxes, what should happen to him?

What are your stances on these hypothetical situations?  Anybody?

posted by: Mike Lawlor on December 6, 2011  2:42pm

Here is a link to a U.S. News and World Report article about the Department of Homeland Security Task Force that raised serious concerns about the “Secure Communities” initiative.

Here is a link to the report:

posted by: JAK on December 6, 2011  3:10pm

Mike Lawlor - you’re a public official.  Care to take a stab at answering the questions I posed? 

BTW, I don’t believe we should deport illegals if they have been here for a long time, are gainfully employed, and are paying ALL of their taxes.

posted by: john on December 6, 2011  8:33pm

The Federal Government needs to cut off funding to the city of New Haven if it does not participate in the program. It’s that simple.

posted by: Mike Lawlor on December 6, 2011  9:05pm

JAK:  Normally, I would not respond to anonymous blog posts.  However, I would direct you to the report I linked to above.  Your questions are all answered therein.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on December 7, 2011  8:17am

@ Mike Lawlor.How do you know what is a anonymous blog? I will send you a copy of the orange police report,Which shows all he had was a New Haven I.D. card,Also the car he used to total my car was from the state of utah.Now I have no car.Tell me this can I sue the city of New Haven.