posted by: THREEFIFTHS on August 16, 2011  9:46am

Will the teachers be able to form a union?

posted by: Paul Wessel on August 16, 2011  12:20pm

This is another great example of how New Haven is pushing the envelope on transforming its schools.  What’s going on is far from perfect, but it shows what adults can do when they are serious.  From the much-heralded but little understood landmark teacher’s contract, to reporting publicly the results of parent, student and teacher surveys, to figuring out a working relationship with charter schools, we’ve got remarkable things going on here.  (And Threefifths, it’s up to the teachers to decide whether they want a union, no one else.)

posted by: @Paul on August 16, 2011  1:17pm

How come not one AP test was passed? One teacher last year at Cross had 35 students pass. ONE TEACHER!

posted by: East Shore mom on August 16, 2011  3:29pm

Paul, well said.

posted by: @Paul Wessel on August 16, 2011  6:34pm

For every “great example” of the “remarkable things” allegedly going on in New Haven’s schools, there are probably 10 unremarkable things that are occurring.

Sadly, it seems whenever a teacher or administrator points out legitimate concerns and problems, they are accused of being negative or against the welfare of children or not a team player.

I would think the opposite would hold true.  Correcting problems and addressing concerns instead of dismissing them or downplaying them would most benefit our city’s students.

Articles like this one, which highlight the positive, are important.  But it’s also crucial not to pass off legitimate and pressing problems as “far from perfect” and continue to do nothing to rectify them.

I invite you to spend some time volunteering at a Clemente, a Celentano, a Wexler.  You’ll learn that things are worse than far from perfect.  Perhaps the more press such issues receive, the less prevelant they’ll be.

posted by: Wilbur Cross on August 16, 2011  9:26pm

Paul Wessel,

You can add Wilbur Cross to your list of schools that are “worse than far from perfect.”

posted by: Paul Wessel on August 16, 2011  9:31pm

Agreed.  The Independent’s story of the “dramatic” improvement of test scores at Cross presented the flip side.

posted by: teachergal on August 17, 2011  4:15am

Fourth grade english teacher???
Second grade math teacher???
Since when did the elementary grades have content area teachers???
Is this something unique to Amistad Schools?

posted by: @ Wilbur Cross on August 17, 2011  9:24am

This article is not about Wilbur Cross.  It is about the preparations being made to open a new charter school building for some of our children.  They will be able to remain as long as they earn high marks on standardized tests for Achievement First.  If they can’t, they’ll be counseled out.

However, seeing as you bring up Cross, let’s make a comparison.  Their staff have had the benefit of three weeks of “Amistadiztion” preparation. In contrast, Principal Moore has not breathed a word to her teaching staff of the “major changes” she has growled about for the past 12 months.

What reason is there to expect any different outcomes at Cross this year?  Principal Moore has repeatedly demonstrated her contempt for participatory leadership by crushing student and faculty dissent and avoiding parental engagement.  Mind you, this is consistent with the culture of coercive and threatening management. 

Do students, staff, and parents have a meaningful voice at New Haven’s largest high school?

When will Mayor DeStefano tell the superintendent and the public which school Achievement First will run next year?  How has this school been chosen?  Who chose it?  Is there ANY transparency to this process?

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on August 17, 2011  9:58am

This is what is going to happen here in New Haven If the people do not wake up.

Former City Council member Eva Moskowitz makin’ a bundle at nonprofit schools
Thursday, February 26, 2009

Greed and Sleaze behind Charter Schools: An Expose by Juan Gonzalez

posted by: brutus2011 on August 17, 2011  9:35pm

@Wilbur Cross wrote the following statement:

“What reason is there to expect any different outcomes at Cross this year? Principal Moore has repeatedly demonstrated her contempt for participatory leadership by crushing student and faculty dissent and avoiding parental engagement. Mind you, THIS IS CONSISTENT WITH THE CULTURE OF COERCIVE AND THREATENING MANAGEMENT.”

This is what goes on behind the scenes at NHPS. And our mayor just said publicly at the second debate that we in New Haven are blessed to have someone like Dr. Mayo as our superintendent of schools!

posted by: Amistad mom on August 23, 2011  10:48am

I stand behind everything that this school is doing…. My daughter is in the 2nd grade this year (she has Liz Springer for math) & this is on of the best school in New Haven…
@ teachergal yes this is unique to Amistad Schools.
I am so happy with this new school. It is way better then where it was over on Ella T Grasso. They needed this very bad. They had no room in the old shcool & it was in two buildings. The teachers are full time & this school is there life!!! They get to school in the morning at about 6am-6:30am & don’t leave not days until 6PM or even later some times.

posted by: Sara Thomas on September 3, 2011  8:18am

My grandson has been at Amistad since kindergarten and is now excelling in the fourth grade.He loves school and loves to read-he is two grade levels above - and he is in a totally positive environment every day.  As a former public school teacher for 32 years I am so grateful for the opportunity that unfortunately he would not receive in New Haven.  His younger brother is now in kindergarten at Amistad and doing very well,despite New Haven’s feelings he belonged in ACES. Thank you for the TEACHERS at Amistad