Anchors Aweigh For Toni Harp

Melissa Bailey PhotoA storied downtown watering hole drew a new breed of New Haven real estate mavens to dish out donations for Toni Harp’s mayoral campaign.

Harp (pictured), the Democratic nominee for mayor, is running against petitioning candidate Justin Elicker in the Nov. 5 general election. She showed up Thursday to Anchor Restaurant at 272 College St. to meet some new faces and take in donations.

The event was hosted by real estate developer Yochi Levitansky (at right in photo), who is rebuilding a neglected but historic building in Newhallville, and Ron Hurt, a Hill neighborhood pastor who also works in real estate. The campaign raised $5,000, according to Harp campaign manager Jason Bartlett.

Visitors arriving for the shindig first came across Albert DiCicco (pictured), who was stationed outside, smoking a cigar. DiCicco, of Hamden, took over management of the Anchor 2 1/2 years ago with downtown developer David Nyberg. He said they didn’t do any major renovations to the bar, known for its low-key vibe, marine theme, and blue vinyl booths.

“We kept it that way because of nostalgia,” he said.

The Anchor provided glasses of wine ...

... and some finger food, including cinnamon-dusted apple strips. 

Harp showed up at 5 p.m. and sipped a glass of red wine with her campaign finance director, Andrea Scott, a retired staffer for the state Department of Economic and Community Development. Harp chatted with a waitress about Obamacare as she waited for the guests to arrive.

Once the guests trickled in, Harp met Nir Bongart (pictured at the top of this story). Bongart, of Israel, moved to New Haven 18 years ago to attend the University of New Haven. He now runs a small company called KNB Design, which he said supplies kitchen cabinets to all the major landlords in town.

Bongart said he used to supply cabinets to Toni Harp’s late husband, Wendell Harp, who ran a real estate company called Renaissance Management.

“Her experience speaks for itself,” Bongart said. “She’s a long time in this business.”

Harp’s husband’s company has since been passed down to her son, Matthew. Toni Harp has said she has never been involved in the company, but several people in the crowd Thursday cited her family’s work as evidence that she would be understanding of developers’ needs.

Around half past five, a dozen members of the real estate world stopped chatting to listen to brief remarks.

Hill Alderwoman Jackie James, standing in a room of mostly unfamiliar faces, welcomed the crowd on behalf of the Democratic Town Committee, which she chairs.

In a brief stump speech, Harp professed empathy for those in the real estate world.

“I want you to know I appreciate everything you do. I do know how hard it is” to navigate government bureaucracy to get development done, she said. She said it is often too difficult. “In my administration, it will not be.”

Jacob and Josef Feldman (at center and right in photo), who run a company called Mod Equities, listened to her remarks. The brothers represent a new wave of developers seeing opportunities in New Haven. They moved to New Haven from New York three years ago. They have been buying up properties to rent out as apartments in East Rock and Wooster Square. Josef Feldman said with Yale’s School of Management nearing completion in East Rock, and Alexion Pharmaceuticals moving downtown, the rental market is only getting better.

The Feldmans said they learned about Harp through their lawyer, Jimmy Segaloff, who “said great things about her.”

All the visitors greeting Harp Thursday came from a close-knit real estate world, said Carol Horsford (at right in photo with her leasing agent, Pete DiGangi). Horsford runs her own real estate company from East Rock’s Edwards Street. She grew up on Prospect Street and just recently moved to Hamden. Horsford said her mother, who still lives on Prospect Street, is supporting Elicker, but Horsford is backing Harp.

“It’s obviously really important to support the new political organization coming in,” she said. She said given that Renaissance Management is a large landlord, Harp will be sympathetic to the concerns of those who work in real estate.

She said Elicker is smart, but “Toni has all the history and the pedigree.”


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posted by: David S Baker on October 18, 2013  12:36pm

A career Democrat touting deregulation to real estate developers at a fundraiser.  What is this, Texas?!  Brain hurts.

posted by: robn on October 18, 2013  12:37pm

The Harps have a history alright. A history of tax evasion (to the tune of $1 million dollars).

Still not convinced?

The house she lives in with her son (whose business she claims to know nothing about) still doesn’t have a proper certificate of occupancy as reported in the register today. The Harps tortured their neighbors for more than a decade with protracted construction and only paid $2400 for building permits (their house is worth $1.27 million and a building permit for this value should be more on the scale of $35,000.)

posted by: westville man on October 18, 2013  1:01pm

Robn,  As an aside to your point, I don’t know how they got financing from any “regular” lender without it (final c/o). Someone missed that and sometime soon the lender will be asking a lot of questions.

posted by: citoyen on October 18, 2013  1:10pm

From the Register: Toni Harp said her husband had an appraisal done on her house in 2007, and that the appraiser had indicated she (the appraiser) had seen a certificate of occupancy.  “I don’t know where it is, but that’s what she indicated,” said Toni.

Once again Toni Harp knows nothing about something uncomfortable.

There is a glaring condition staring in the face of anyone who looks at the front of that house—there are balcony railings with no balusters—no infills to prevent someone (especially a child) from falling off.

I am not surprised at all to learn that the house has no certificate of occupancy.  What I do wonder is how the city ever allowed anyone to take up residence there.

posted by: Citizen X on October 18, 2013  1:45pm

Harp meets citizens at area establishment. Cue the nasty entitled Elicker hoard.

posted by: Atticus Shrugged on October 18, 2013  2:13pm

Hey, way to go on the Elicker supporters to try and steer the conversation away from the point.  Business leaders are meeting with Senator Harp because they are impressed with her and believe she will win.  They believe that she is capable of moving the city forward and rather than meeting with and donating to your guy, you start a negative media campaign.

Perhaps you’d gain more traction by building up your candidate than trying to tear down Senator Harp.

posted by: robn on October 18, 2013  2:22pm

Commenter states facts about Toni Harp; cue the Harp supporters trying to kill the messenger.

posted by: Jon on October 18, 2013  2:44pm

Harp’s husband’s company has since been passed down to her son, Matthew. Toni Harp has said she has never been involved in the company, but several people in the crowd Thursday cited her family’s work as evidence that she would be understanding of developers’ needs.

Like how to run a company and not pay your taxes.

posted by: Jon on October 18, 2013  2:46pm

For the record, I don’t care if Toni Harp is the mayor or not.  I do care about the back taxes being paid.  The state should be actively pursuing whomever owes the highest amount of taxes in the State of Connecticut and working it’s way down the list.  That’s just common sense.

posted by: Noteworthy on October 18, 2013  2:52pm

History and Pedigree Notes:

1. Million dollar tax debt

2. Lives in a mansion that was never given a certificate of occupancy, and where the permit fee was never fully paid.

3. Family firm runs apartments with serious code violations.

4. Family real estate empire has screwed mortgage holders including quasi state agencies out of hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

5. Harp voted for highly addictive KENO, approved in the dead of night, after being hatched in secret, hidden from the public. It will be a scourge for the most vulnerable among us.

6. Harp voted to restrict freedom of information access, another piece of “emergency” legislation that was passed after being hatched in secret.

7. Harp voted for $500 million in hospital taxes which will drive up the cost of medical care in Connecticut and especially here in New Haven where Yale New Haven Hospital is bearing a $100 million of it.

8. Harp also voted to tax the utilities making our bills higher, cell phones making our cell phone bills higher, and approved laying sales taxes on our homes, our pet grooming and a whole host of things we hadn’t been paying taxes on before.

9. Harp voted for the history making tax increases of $1.6 billion - money that is repeatedly taken from us each year depressing job growth and business opportunities.

10. Harp just approved a spending plan this year that jacks spending by $500 million in each of the next two years to record setting levels in violation of the spending cap that was approved by one million voters when the income tax was authorized. She said those million votes didn’t count because the dome dwelling legislature didn’t say it counted.

History and pedigree? Yes, indeed. 

Note to the Feldmans: Don’t listen to Segaloff. He may be a good real estate attorney, but his firm represents Wendell Harp’s estate and he’s been part of the DTC bucket brigade for decades.

posted by: SSSS on October 18, 2013  3:01pm

I’m confused.  Was Harp in fact involved in the family real estate business and therefore perhaps gained specific knowledge and expertise.  If this is the case, it may be of interest to developers, but then she should really have a responsibility to pay down the massive debts created by her husband’s company.  Alternatively, she no knowledge of her family’s business.  If this is the case, she maybe can more easily justify these outstanding debts, but then really would have no more credibility with developers than say, Justin Elicker.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

posted by: Atticus Shrugged on October 18, 2013  3:14pm

Ah, shall we blast lies and half truths?
1. The tax debt is a business tax debt, not that of her own making.  She’s no more liable than you are. 

2. C/O was given and since the family has lived their for more than 6 years, there is no need to have one issue per state statute.  By complying and getting one, her son is doing more than required.

3.The NHI noted no serious issues in LCI’s file and couldn’t get any violations from HUD either.

4. Please provide proof of this.  The NHI and Register would surely have ran related law suits.

5. Harp passed a budget along with every other democrat in the state house.

6. Harp voted to protect the integrity of the investigation after Sandy-Hook and to protect family privacy.  Sheesh, you sure do get a lot wrong.

7. This was done to balance a budget.  Moreover, the tax will virtually be entirely refunded to hospitals. Hospitals are 8% of the state budget. The tax is $400 million and there is a federal cut of $100 million (again, your facts are wrong). 

8. Yes, she and every other democratic legislature did the same.  She doesn’t govern by fiat.

9. Senator Harp balanced a budget along with her colleagues while preserving the state’s role in helping aid head start, medicare, higher education, etc.  I presume she and every other legislator is proud of this.

10.  To not allow a spending increase is in actuality a cut, as inflation occurs each year.

Sigh, get back to me when you’ve got actual analysis and some real facts to stand on.  Going through your arguments is like a warm knife through butter.

posted by: TheMadcap on October 18, 2013  3:14pm

“Business leaders are meeting with Senator Harp because they are impressed with her and believe she will win.  They believe that she is capable of moving the city forward”

Or they’re just placing their bets on she’ll win and, well, you know, quid pro quo. Remember when some city contractors lost their city contract and then suddenly the next day had the revelation to donate a bundle of $9,000 to Harp?

posted by: PauletteCohen on October 18, 2013  4:01pm

I wonder if Justin Elicker’s supporters realize what a turn-off their incessant, vitriolic, posts have been to voters? 

Contrary to the repeated posts in the NHI, Toni Harp is not a slum lord, she does not owe $1 million in back taxes, and she doesn’t live in a mansion.  She does live in a large house, but so does Mike Stratton, Elicker’s campaign finance manager, as well as many backers of both candidates.

Toni Harp is a dignified, intelligent, hard working public servant who has accomplished much during her 20+ years in the State House and Senate, and gained the respect and affection of a wide swath of people while doing it.  I don’t like everyone Toni has surrounded herself with during the campaign, but then again I don’t like everyone Justin has surrounded himself with either.  I believe Toni has the experience, knowledge, maturity and understanding to govern effectively. 

I think Toni will listen with respect to the concerns of people from all of New Haven’s neighborhoods, and she will be able to bring them together to work to solve our education, transportation and urban development problems.  I believe the term for that these days is “crowdsourcing”. It can be done in the “cloud”, but sometimes it is done most effectively in person.  I think Toni Harp will excel in solving New Haven’s problems by listening to and utilizing the breadth and depth of talent that exists in all of our City’s communities.

posted by: Dwightblock on October 18, 2013  4:32pm

I’m with SSSS.

Which is it?  Did Harp stay ignorant of the family company’s real estate business, or does she have deep knowledge of it? 

Politicians and supporters say she knows nothing, actual builders say she knows plenty.  Hmm, which is more trustworthy?

From the article:
“Bongart said he used to supply cabinets to Toni Harp’s late husband, Wendell Harp, who ran a real estate company called Renaissance Management.”
“Her experience speaks for itself,” Bongart said. “She’s a long time in this business.”

Also, Justin is a registered Democrat.  It’s high time the New Haven Independent stopped calling him just “petitioning candidate Justin Elicker”. That’s “petitioning Democratic candidate, Justin Elicker”.

Not winning the primary doesn’t mean you’re not a Democrat, no matter how much the Harp camp or this publication would rather have you think.

posted by: Atticus Shrugged on October 18, 2013  4:43pm

Dwightblock, or DB, which oddly enough is initials for something less classy . . . he is an independent.  That’s what he is running as.  He had an opportunity to run as a democrat and resoundingly lost that fight.  Overwhelmingly lost that fight even.  Like Mike Tyson in his prime verse, well, me.  Moving along, simply calling yourself a democrat doesn’t make you one.  Justin’s stance on taxes, his petitioning to ease in property tax values for east rock only, stated intention to cut public services, stated desire to completely dismantle guaranteed benefit pensions, more or less put him in a category other than democrat.  But hey, you can interpret what you want, how you will. 

But enough with the “gotcha.”  A business leader made a misstatement and his word is to be taken as truth.  Geez, I’ve got ocean beach front property in Hartford to sell ya in Hartford :-p

posted by: Razzie on October 18, 2013  5:07pm

@ Noteworthy

I am not sure whether you are saying Sen Harp’s administration will be bad for business or will be good for business. A fair reading of your History and Pedigree Notes would lead to the conclusion that Harp would be a disaster for New Haven.

However, as I read the story, the developers and real estate industry executives represented at the meeting have concluded that Sen Harp will be a positive force for development in New Haven. And more development means more jobs and tax income—and greater fiscal stability and tax relief for residents. Given your seeming obsession with budget cutting and service reductions, I would think you would welcome fiscal stability and tax relief.

I can understand your disappointment that Justin hasn’t been able to develop the gravitas it takes to inspire the business community. But I hope you can appreciate the economic benefits a Toni Harp Administration will bring to our city.

posted by: anonymous on October 18, 2013  5:12pm

Paulette, did you attend any debates? Have you ever witnessed Harp and Elicker “in action” in a few public meetings or in direct negotiations with State officials? The choice is crystal clear when it comes to who is more qualified to stand up for the needs of the city, particularly its low income residents.

Additionally, Harp is not a good listener and has been shockingly unresponsive to citizen concerns over several years now. The millionaire lawyers responsible for multibillion dollar corporations to be implementing Keno at our city’s bodegas are among her major donors. Keno was rammed through with no consultation. You and Harp are not impacted if you do not live on a block next to a bodega, but everyone in Newhallville, Dwight and Fair Haven is.

In sharp contrast, Elicker shows up and gets major things done on K-12 school policy, public safety, transportation, and blight, without so much as batting an eyelash. It’s no wonder he is financed by people who actually live within our city’s diverse, middle income neighborhoods, whereas Harp is financed from primarily wealthy out of town areas.

posted by: Scot on October 18, 2013  5:53pm

It is incredible to me how Harp supporters look at their candidate with blinders on.  @PauletteCohen - “she does not owe $1 million in back taxes, and she doesn’t live in a mansion.” 

She, personally, does not owe $1 million in back taxes. But would you accept the fact that she receives over $9,000 each month from an estate that DOES owe the state over $1 million in back taxes? The house is 9,716 square feet, has 20 rooms, 7.5 bathrooms and is assessed at $936,740 which puts the market value at around $1,338,000. Call it a mansion, or don’t.  (The info is available at vision appraisal).

I wouldn’t even call her a slumlord because I believe that she wasn’t involved in the day-to-day operations of the family business.  But I do take issue with taxes, especially since she’s running for mayor. 

As a voter it concerns me that she wouldn’t explain it publicly. If she truly knows nothing about the basics of her family business then I don’t feel she has the capacity to be mayor. If she knows about it and chooses not to address it, that’s even worse. The type of person I want to be mayor would get to the bottom of it and get it resolved one way or the other.

posted by: Indigo on October 19, 2013  10:01am

Now I understand why Toni Harp’s color is red and Elicker’s blue. Everything about this event smells of republican-style cronyism and prioritizing business before people. Labels aside, there’s only one candidate committed to the democratic party’s values and ideals. And it ain’t Harp.

posted by: Eddie on October 19, 2013  3:47pm

Are we really counting Toni’s bathrooms as a way to attack her?  What is the next step Scot?  You going to follow her into a restroom and try to catch her not washing her hands?

posted by: HhE on October 19, 2013  4:56pm

For myself, this makes perfect sense.  Imagine one is in an industry or business that needs accommodation or even collusion in order to be successful.  There are two choices for Mayor.  One has publicly said she will give access in exchange for donations.  The other promises to do what is best for New Haven, never mind donations.  So logically, one contributes to the former, even if one rather have the latter.  After all, Justin Elicker is not going to engage in payback.  How much is $1,000?  As a penny ante operator in real estate development, I can say, “About two day’s payroll.”

posted by: HhE on October 19, 2013  10:50pm

Eddie, what Scot said is hardly an attack, it is a critique.  I dare say his issue that she has so much, yet owes so much, and fails to answer for it.  As someone who has lived in a house with seven bathrooms, and twenty rooms in total (plus tennis court and pool), I agree that the issue is an apparent willingness to gain from something suspect, and even worse, the inability to give a strait answer.

posted by: Eddie on October 20, 2013  11:39am


Perhaps you haven’t been following this race very closely.  Fair enough, busy people lead busy lives, and thus, can’t follow every little detail of this election.  One detail that you may have missed is that there was actually an election, in which the voters from the Democratic Party were asked to decide who best represents their ideals and values.  In pretty sharp contrast to your analysis, Toni won that election, and earned over twice as many votes as the second place finisher.  The NHI characterized it as a Decisive Victory.  You can read about it here: (  Now Toni is the Democratic Party nominee and Justin is running against the Democratic Party.

Can I make one more small but important point.  Typically in electoral democracy we allow voters to decide who represents their ideals and values using elections.  In this case, the labels that you casually dismiss are actually important distinctions because they are the outcome of a clear electoral victory.  I know that the commentariat regularly derides the wisdom of the electorate and would often prefer public decisions be made by anonymous comments on the NHI or perhaps a True Vote Poll.  Unfortunately for them, this is just not the system we have in place right now.  Annoying as it must be for many in the commentariat, we are stuck with the old-fashioned system, in which all party members get a say in the selection of their nominee.

posted by: mstratton on October 20, 2013  11:43am

I hate to point out the obvious BUT this event was hosted and arranged by a convicted felon and fraud! I am not exaggerating. 

Levitansky is a convicted felon having swindled and defrauded hundreds of people. See

This shows incredibly poor judgment on Harp’s part. Does she need the money that bad that she would allow a recently convicted felon to host a fundraiser for her. Is this who we want to lead our city?  Wake up people!

posted by: woosterbill on October 20, 2013  12:04pm

The most telling quotation in this story, to my mind, is this: “It’s obviously really important to support the new political organization coming in.”

Note that this Harp supporter didn’t say “It’s obviously important to support the best candidate” or even “It’s important to support the candidate that will be best for my own interests.” The reason these developers feel the need to support Harp is quite simply the fact that they know that failure to do so will cut them out of the inner circle, and that paying for “access” is the best way to receive greater financial rewards down the line.

Make no mistake, these developers are investors first and foremost, and it says volumes that they feel like an investment in the Harp administration will yield positive returns.

Do you want a government that can be bought, or one that will represent the interests of all the city’s residents regardless of their ability to buy access?

posted by: HewNaven on October 20, 2013  1:37pm

What’s most sad and ironic is that someone from New Haven Free Skool tried to convince me that Harp would somehow stop economic development plans like the one which currently threatens their existence in the building at College/Crown, and that Elicker was in favor of such “gentrification” efforts. That is exactly how it was pitched to me. Then we hear Harp tells us she will deregulate the development process and effectively hasten the removal of grass-roots artists like the New Haven Free Skool.

“I want you to know I appreciate everything you do. I do know how hard it is” to navigate government bureaucracy to get development done, she said. She said it is often too difficult. “In my administration, it will not be.”

posted by: Razzie on October 20, 2013  2:01pm

@ Scot—“She, personally, does not owe $1 million in back taxes. But would you accept the fact that she receives over $9,000 each month from an estate that DOES owe the state over $1 million in back taxes?”

So what! She receives the statutory widow’s allowance that every estate provides. So what that the estate OWES a sales tax liability? Are you a creditor of the Estate? It’s my understanding that the State as a creditor does not feel in jeopardy of being able to resolve the outstanding debt. So what is your concern as to whether the State is a creditor of an Estate that is currently being administered properly and in due course? Perhaps your concerns should be addressed to the State and all the other creditors who are involved. The size of her statutory widow’s allowance has little bearing on this election, and even less bearing on her suitability for office.

posted by: Razzie on October 20, 2013  3:08pm

@ HewNaven

Not being privy to the conversation you had about gentrification under a n Elicker versus Harp administration, I am at a loss to offer specific comments on that discussion. I do however know that her legislative efforts have been of tremendous assistance to grass roots educational and artistic venues such as Neighborhood Music School and funding for the arts in general. Her recent endorsement by Bitsie Clark, a strong Arts supporter, speaks volumes. However, I am unaware of any thing specific that Elicker has done to advance the cause of arts and artistic venues in New Haven, other than his East Rock neighborhood.

posted by: HhE on October 20, 2013  5:23pm

Razzie, I put it to you, every Connecticut resident is effectively a creditor of the Harp estate.  Taxes are collected by and for a state that in turn exists as government for, of and by the people. 

That the estate is as large as it is, is in part to not have paid one million dollars. 

Exactly, how does one square being okay with living on $9000 a month, or $118000 per year with objecting to “East Rock Elites?”

Please ask yourself, why is Mr. Harp’s estate still in probate?

posted by: HhE on October 20, 2013  6:17pm

Eddie, I think it is very bad form to insult Indigo as you have.  I don’t doubt that he or she has been following this political contest.  To insinuate that if someone disagrees with your orthodoxy, it follows they must not be aware of an election is beyond the pale. 

I am completely able to take Indigo’s meaning, that Justin Elicker’s candidacy better represents the interests of everyone, rather than catering to money interests while claiming to be the party of everyman.

posted by: Scot on October 20, 2013  9:05pm

@Razzie, Eddie - I do not want a mayor who’s family business is the #1 delinquent tax bill in the state. It’s just a little too strange for me. I agree with this article that she should have at least spoken publicly about the situation (this was written in July and she still hasn’t addressed it publicly).,0,7419972.story

Aside from the tax issue, I don’t like that she is funded by large donations from companies that do business with city and special interest groups. Why do you think all these businesses are donating to her campaign (like CT Orthopaedic)? They are hedging their bets. They might not even want her to become mayor but donate to her so that if she wins they will be on the donor list. If you don’t believe pay-to-play exists in New Haven you’re either blind or haven’t lived here long enough. Elicker provides a great opportunity to get away from that.

posted by: Eddie on October 20, 2013  11:33pm


I’m comfortable with businesses disputing taxes, using the appropriate institutions to channel these disputes, and then working with the state to workout a payment plan if they lose these disputes.  Toni’s husband actually won the case in the lower court, which indicates that the issues are not as clear-cut as Elicker’s attack dogs would have it.  I don’t understand the expectation that Toni should have interjected herself into these types of business decisions for her husband’s business. 

Either way counting bathrooms in her house reveals a willingness to grasp onto anything to gain leverage for an attack.  This follows a string of vile this week that ranges from attacking Toni for volunteering at a food bank and calling attention to food security to inferring corruption of a lack of negative comments on an article about Elicker.

posted by: Razzie on October 21, 2013  3:30pm

@ HhE—FYI, $9K per month = $108K per year. Quite obviously, the estate is valued in excess of $1M sales tax debt. Otherwise there would be no benefit in the state or any of the creditors in working out repayment plans. And I would hazard a guess that the estate was created from the real estate values that Wendell Harp created during his career as a distinguished architect and developer. See this link for an insightful article about Mr. Harp at the time he passed away (and before the Elicker East Rock Elites decided to run a candidate for Mayor, attacking anything and everything that stood in their way).

It is truly instructive to note that many of the same Elicker supporters who trash his name and his memory today, are noted as commenters to the article who had warm and positive things to say about Wendell at the time of his death. My, what a difference a campaign makes!

posted by: HewNaven on October 21, 2013  6:15pm


Thank you for linking to that article. There was a lot I didn’t know about Wendell Harp. From reading that I was struck by how much Wendell’s values echoes those of convervative America. In particular, I was shocked to read about his response to the Malik Jones murder:

He spoke of growing up the son of a cop. He spoke of the pain people were feeling about racial injustice, but also — this was his main point, if I remember correctly — the importance of obeying the police.

Then there’s this tidbit about Wendell’s conservative family values and his talking with god:

Harp and I spoke about our joy in raising children to adulthood (his kids followed his and Toni Harp’s footsteps to professional success) and the prominent role of religion in our daily lives. He mentioned the word “God” more times than I think I’ve ever heard it uttered in two hours. He said God told him to have lunch with me.

There was another prominent political player who went to Yale a long time ago and spoke of his family values and his conversations with god. His name was George W. Bush.

posted by: Razzie on October 22, 2013  2:06pm

@ HewNaven

I am unclear what your point is. Certainly Minister Farrakhan speaks strongly of family values and of his conversations with “God”. And regarding the Malik Jones murder, certainly the murder itself highlights the wisdom of obeying the police. The one thing I cannot comment upon, however, are your statements about being ignorant of Wendell Harp, as a person.