Armed Robbery By The Skate Park

Paul Bass File PhotoOnce police caught one suspect, Officer Carlos Conceicao knew where to find his alleged partner.

Conceicao (pictured), a veteran west side cop, tracked down the partner, a 19-year-old man who allegedly stole a cellphone from a man by the skateboard area of Edgewood Park.

The incident occurred around 5:30p.m. Friday.

A 30-year-old man was strolling through the park when a man asked to use his phone. He handed over the phone. The recipient “pretended to use the phone and then put it in his pocket,” according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman. “The man told him he wasn’t getting it back and to walk away. While giving the victim orders, he lifted up his shirt, exposing what the victim described as the handle of a gun tucked into his waistband.”

The cops were called. Officer Thomas Glynn arrived in the park and spotted a man fitting the suspect’s description riding a bike with another young man on the handlebars. Glynn tried to stop them. The handlebar-rider hopped off and ran toward Stanley Street; the cyclist kept riding toward the Boulevard.

Cops found the handlebar-rider, a juvenile, hiding in nearby tall weeds. He said he hadn’t robbed anyone.

Conceicao had a hunch, based on the description of the suspect, that he might be a young man who goes by the nickname “Quon.” He knows Quon from previous incidents, and Quon hangs out with the juvenile found in the weeds, according to Conceicao.

So officers went to Quon’s house. They found him on the front porch. The victim identified him as the armed robber. Police charged Quon, who’s 19, with first-degree robbery and first-degree threatening, as well as second-degree larceny. They charged the juvenile with threatening and trespassing.

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