Arrest Imminent In Annie Le Murder

(Updated) Reporters are gathered at a press conference which was set for 8 a.m. Thursday to announce what is anticipated to be an arrest in the murder of Yale graduate student Annie Le.

Late into Wednesday night, New Haven police were surrounding a Cromwell motel where the prime suspect in the murder is staying.

The suspect’s DNA has matched evidence at the scene of the crime, reports the Reg‘s Bill Kaempffer.

The suspect is a Yale lab tech who worked in a Yale medical school building where Le, a 24-year-old Yale pharmacology student, did experiments. Le went missing on Tuesday; cops discovered her body inside a basement wall at the building on Sunday, the day she was supposed to be married.

Police quickly zeroed in on the lab tech as a “serious” suspect in her killing, but did not release his name until Tuesday night, when they called him a “person of interest.” The suspect, who’s 24, lives in Middletown with his fiancee. He grew up in Branford and graduated from Branford High School in 2004.

The lab tech reportedly checked into a Super 8 Motel in Cromwell following his release from police custody at 3 a.m. Wednesday morning.

New Haven cops late into the night were staking out the motel where the suspect is staying, several news outlets reported.

DNA samples from the state crime lab are said to be key in cracking the case. At a press conference Wednesday, New Haven Police Chief James Lewis said if DNA tests match evidence taken from the crime scene, the suspect would be arrested shortly after.

The “person of interest” was taken into custody Tuesday night for a DNA search, police said. Cops also served three search warrants on his home, car and other property.

He was released at 3 a.m. Wednesday after giving DNA samples from his fingernails and hair. He has no prior criminal history, except for a speeding ticket.

Meanwhile, the Courant reported that computer records tracked the suspect’s motions through laboratory rooms — and placed the suspect at the scene of the crime. The suspect was the last one to see Annie Le alive, they reported. Read the story here.

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posted by: Lifer on September 16, 2009  9:59pm

Enjoying his last night as a free man in a Super 8 Motel.  That’s livin’ large.

posted by: waiter on September 16, 2009  10:12pm

His demeanor tells all.  He is 99.99% guilty of this crime but is holding out for the 0.01% chance DNA comes out negative.  Any man convicted of this heinous crime has no redeeming value whatsoever and should be put to death promptly, without wasting a penny of tax payer money.

posted by: RN on September 16, 2009  10:14pm

He could die a thousand times and it is still not enough punishment for a life that he took from this young talented woman.

posted by: LeftCoastWizard on September 17, 2009  11:49am

Lifer:  Actually, Clark may be craftier (but obviously not smarter) than you think. Living large, partying, and seeming to enjoy himself would count against him.  His defense will now try to plead this down to manslaughter:  a disagreement that spun out of control in a tense research environment and resulted in a spur of the moment altercation resulting in Annie’s death. Panicked he obviously didn’t think very well on how to cover his tracks. So, no indication of predmeditation. He might get 10-15 yrs and still be able to live some semblance of a life once he gets out.  -something that his victim will never be able to do.  -unless, of course, there is evidence of stalking, persistent and unrequited romantic attempts, or a sexual assault.  In that case, he is serving life.