Bermudez Zimmerman To Puertorriqueños: Don’t Complain. Vote!

Thomas Breen photoComplaining can’t change the high cost of housing, gas, or milk.

But voting can.

Eva Bermudez Zimmerman issued that democratic call to arms on Saturday night during her brief time on stage before 150 dancing, sweating concertgoers crammed into Bregamos Community Theater on Blatchley Avenue for the third Annual Festival Puertorriqueño de New Haven.

Bermudez Zimmerman, a 31-year-old Newtown labor organizer of Puerto Rican descent who is running an insurgent campaign for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, was one of four Democratic candidates for statewide office to address the reveling attendees at the city’s Puerto Rican festival.

Originally scheduled to take place midday on the Green, the festival was rescheduled and moved over to the Fair Haven community theater for an evening’s worth of concerts because of the day’s persistent rainstorms.

In addition to Bermudez Zimmerman, Democratic gubernatorial candidates Ned Lamont and Joe Ganim addressed the crowd, as did Democratic attorney general candidate Chris Mattei.

Taking the microphone in between the percussive, trombone-swinging Salsa and Merengue music of Orquestra Afinke, each candidate made a one-minute pitch to the attendees as to why he or she deserves their vote in this coming Tuesday’s statewide Democratic primary.

Lamont, Ganim and Mattei each earned polite applause and cheers of support. Only Bermudez Zimmerman managed to elicit a response that approximated the joyful enthusiasm with which audience members danced and sang along to Orquestra Afinke.

Delivering her speech first in Spanish and then translated into English, Bermudez Zimmerman told the crowd that Tuesday’s primary represents a historic opportunity for Connecticut’s working class to have its voice heard.

Lucy Gellman photo“When we’re talking about the cost of living and housing,” she said, “the cost of gas, the cost of milk, too many people start complaining. We get it. I’m with you. The struggle is real. But complaining doesn’t give you change. Voting gives you change.”

She called on everyone in the room to show up to the polls on Aug. 14 and to seize an opportunity not just to talking about wanting change, but to “represent that change, to own the change.”

If politicians want to earn the votes of all Connecticut residents and not just the wealthy few, she said, then “they better represent everyone.”

Bermudez Zimmerman faces Susan Bysiewicz, a former secretary of the state and state representative from Middletown, in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for lieutenant governor.

While Byseiwicz earned the state Democratic Party’s endorsement at the party’s convention in Hartford in May, Bermudez Zimmerman walked away with nearly 40 percent of delegate support at the convention after announcing her candidacy for lieutenant governor only several days beforehand.

Since then, she has promoted her candidacy as one committed to representing the interests of working class, minority, and city residents on the statewide ticket.

Working The Crowd

Thomas Breen photoBoth Lamont and Ganim worked the crowd before and after giving their brief campaign speeches onstage.

Led by New Haven State Rep. Juan Candelaria, Lamont circled the room, smiling and shaking hands with men, women and children alike. He told them that his mother was born and raised in Puerto Rico but, alas, never taught him a lick of Spanish.

“As long as he keeps it real, that’s my guy,” concert attendee Miguel Santiago said about Lamont.

Meanwhile, as the blaring sounds of music from onstage made conversation near impossible in the audience, Ganim decided to attend to his adoring public ...

.. by posing for a few pictures ...

... and even taking a selfie.

Click on the Facebook Live videos below to watch Lamont, Mattei, Bermudez Zimmerman, and Ganim speak at the festival on Saturday night.



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posted by: THREEFIFTHS on August 12, 2018  8:36pm

Complaining can’t change the high cost of housing, gas, or milk.

But voting can.

I love how Brother Malcolm X said in his speech the Ballot or the Bullet. Don’t be throwing out any ballots. A ballot is like a bullet. You don’t throw your ballots until you see a target, and if that target is not within your reach, keep your ballot in your pocket.

Under this crooked two party run system target is not within our reach reach.

You say Eve voting can’t change the high cost of housing, gas, or milk.

Look what voting did.60% Of House Democrats Vote For Trump’s Defense Budget.which will cut social programs.

Led by New Haven State Rep. Juan Candelaria, Lamont circled the room, smiling and shaking hands with men, women and children alike. He told them that his mother was born and raised in Puerto Rico but, alas, never taught him a lick of Spanish.

I will say it again.My latino brothers and sisters.Just as we african americans have Judas Goat leaders,You have Latino Judas Goat Leaders who are selling you out to the machine.The Democratic and Republican Party.THINKS LATINOS ARE SANGANOS.Don’T Drink there Kool-Aid.

posted by: robn on August 13, 2018  7:03am

Eva Bermudez Zimmerman shows herself to be, much like Trump, an identity politics demagogue. Like those kind of politicians, shows her ignorance of the issues. She suggested that voting for her would lower the price of milk. In fact, there’s such an imbalance between the cost of regulation and the cost of production that CT farmers barely make a profit and many have gone out of business (they went from 663 in 1980 to 367 in 1990 to 169 in 2006). Dairy is this regions largest agricultural industry and farmers are suffering way more than consumers.

Stop voting for people who look like you just because they look and sound like you.

posted by: NHPLEB on August 13, 2018  12:22pm

Yes,  let’s throw out the old hacks so the new hacks who have been groomed can take their places.  DOn’t be fooled that any of these hacks came from nowhere or are “outsiders”.  The Dems would never let that happen.  More likely, the Republicans would because they have nobody .  The Black Churches are all zipped up tight for whoever the bosses/pastors say they should vote for.  I wonder how much money Varick Church got for sponsoring their shindig?

Ganim is a CONVICTED FELON.  Is that really who you want for governor??  Jokes aside;  really?  The party hacks want Lamont so he is already tainted.  I suggest a write-in name .  I also suggest that we all vote in a Republican governor this time to take a whack at our issues.  We know what we will get with 4 more years of Dem control.  Let the Republicans have a try.  They have been whining about not getting a chance .  Let’s see what they have to offer.