Bike Enthusiast, Musician Shot Dead

Thomas MacMillan PhotoFacebook(Updated 1:07 p.m.) With occasional tears and looks off into the distance, employees of the downtown Devil’s Gear Bike Shop remembered Mitchell Dubey Friday as a vegan, straight-edge, punk rocker who was a big-hearted figure at the hub of New Haven’s cycling community. The 23-year-old bike mechanic and musician was shot dead in his apartment the night before.

Dubey worked at the bike shop for the past three years.

When not fixing people’s bikes at the busy downtown shop in Pitkin Plaza, Dubey was also a musician, helping his friends in the Flaming Tsunamis finish a recording.

Police said someone broke into Dubey’s home at 29 Bassett St. at 10:02 p.m. The person shot him in the chest. Dubey died later in the hospital. He shared an apartment with some college students. Police noted that Dubey had no criminal history. The police department’s Major Crimes and Robbery units have launched a homicide investigation.

News of the homicide traveled fast overnight among New Haven’s active cycling community.  No one could imagine why someone would hurt him. He was known as a friendly musician who was part of a community that held potluck dinners at underground shows in people’s homes, including his place on Bassett Street.

Melissa Bailey File PhotoMatthew Feiner, who owns Devil’s Gear in Pitkin Plaza, was stunned by the crime.

Dubey, originally from Los Angeles, moved to New Haven three years ago, Feiner said. “He was traveling with a band. He was a bass player, a guitar player, saxophone, trumpet.” His latest musical project was with the Tsunamis.

A fixture at the Devil’s Gear, Dubey worked as the service manager.

Dubey’s apartment was burglarized last week during the daytime, said David Kahn, manager of the bike shop. The burglar made off with Dubey’s computer, among other items.

“He was pissed,” Kahn recalled. But Dubey quickly shrugged it off, reasoning, “At the end of the day, a computer’s not that big a deal,” according to Kahn.

Kahn wondered whether the burglar returned Thursday night and Dubey confronted him. Police Friday were still piecing together what happened from interviews.

On Friday morning, Kahn was still reeling from the loss. With eyes red from crying, Kahn spoke about Dubey in the back room at the Devil’s Gear.

“It’s just unreal,” he said. “It doesn’t make me feel good about New Haven.”

Most murders are committed by someone the victim knows, Kahn said. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with this one, he noted. “It’s hard to imagine somebody could do that.”

Kahn remembered Dubey would stop in sometimes on his day off and immediately fall into helping customers without complaint. “He was always just glad to be useful.”

Dubey had just worked 12 days straight, pitching in to cover for other people, Kahn said. He was looking to begin building bike frames to make that a part of the shop, he said.

Warren Brelsford, a mechanic, was finishing a tune-up on the Bianchi bike Dubey had been working on Thursday. “He just made me a mixtape like a day ago,” Brelsford said. Brelsford said he had asked Dubey to put together songs that would inspire him to finish an album he’s been working on with his band.

“He was awesome,” Brelsford said. “Funny as hell.”

Kahn said he was glad to be working Friday. “It’s good to have something to do and to be with each other,” he said.

Feiner, who was fixing a bike in the front of the shop Friday, said he needed to be at work. Otherwise, “it would be the longest day of my life,” he said.

The greatest tragedy is that “no parent should outlive their child,” he observed.

Feiner said he’d recently been on the phone with Mitchell’s sister. The Dubey family will be taking a red-eye flight in from California Friday evening.

Dubey’s father won’t be coming. He was injured in a snowboarding accident last year and paralyzed from the neck down. Dubey put together a fundraising concert for his dad several months ago.

Feiner said a memorial service would be planned with the family. The monthly Critical Mass bike ride on Friday evening was going forward in Dubey’s honor. That ride, open to all, kicks off at the flagpole on the Green at 5:30 p.m.

Feiner said Dubey “had a presence about him” as a completely genuine person. “Anything he said he was doing, he would.”

Dubey never said a bad word about anybody, Feiner said. “More people need to be like Mitchell Dubey.”

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posted by: Dominik on March 25, 2011  8:39am

What a loss! My condolences to his family. Things are getting worse in New Haven :(

posted by: KO on March 25, 2011  8:46am

What?! Why did this happen?! :(

posted by: Ethan on March 25, 2011  9:05am

This doesn’t make any sense….He was a good guy.

posted by: citizen on March 25, 2011  9:05am

New Haven things are getting worse it is a hell hole not safe anywhere in this city that is why citizens are moving out of new haven it will be a ghost town sorry to hear about this young man being killed he did something good here in New Haven at the bike store my prayers to his family and friends.

posted by: HewNaven?? on March 25, 2011  9:09am

RIP. You will be missed.

posted by: Jeffrey Kerekes on March 25, 2011  9:09am

Awful, awful news!. He was such a nice guy.

posted by: Consiglio on March 25, 2011  9:15am

Not even safe in your own home anymore! Arm yourself -shoot first and ask questions later. That is the only justice these dirt-bags understand. RIP my brother,justice will be served. Keep laying off cops Mr. Mayor. Another innocent life lost for your budget.

posted by: New Haven Res on March 25, 2011  9:16am

What a terrible loss.  It’s getting harder to keep defending and supporting this town.  This was not some drug dealer gunned down….this was someone like many of us, who works, supports their community, and is still the victim of a senseless crime.  I’m just wondering how horrible will the crime need to be to provoke outrage and a desire for change in New Haven?

posted by: the king on March 25, 2011  9:16am

Very sad another person dead.  I wish we could reflect on this young persons life.  New Haven is getting worse and worse every day.  I don’t blame the police.  Maybe the higher ups should get blamed.  The mayor should take blame.  We need more police and us residents need to take the charge.  We can’t let criminals run our streets.  My wife shouldn’t be in fear to walk down the street with our son.  You can’t even sit in your house.  This is very sad

posted by: nhv on March 25, 2011  9:19am

I’m so sorry to hear this, he was an extremely kind guy, I really liked him a lot. My condolences to the family and friends.

posted by: the king on March 25, 2011  9:28am

Another thought all of these shootings where is the mayor I might be mistaken but i haven’t heard anything from him.  Why hasn’t the news talked to him

posted by: DanV on March 25, 2011  9:28am


posted by: JB on March 25, 2011  9:29am

I’m so sorry! 

I hesitate to say this, but just in case any of Mitchell’s friends are also living in Newhallville, I will.  There are low rents in other sections of the city as well- look there.  Newhallville, aside from being the highest crime neighborhood is also the most homogeneous.  You are automatically singling yourself out, plus you look like an easy mark (criminals want easy and unarmed).  Please convince anyone thinking of living there was doesn’t have a high level of street smarts, to go elsewhere.

I’m sorry Mitchell died.  He sounded like a terrific person.  I’m extremely sad for his friends and family.

posted by: V on March 25, 2011  9:36am

He wasn’t exactly living in a low-crime neighborhood.

posted by: Stunned on March 25, 2011  9:39am

This is unbelievable! Mitch was a sweet soul who brought so much positive energy to all his endeavors and interactions. Wow.

posted by: Treatment5 on March 25, 2011  9:41am

I met Mitch during a benefit for his father after his accident, he was a great person. RIP Mitch you will be missed.

posted by: jt75 on March 25, 2011  9:44am

Mitchell was such a nice guy from my few interactions with him. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

posted by: Mike on March 25, 2011  9:45am

I’m deeply saddened by this and my condolences go out to his family and friends.  And I am pretty sure his friends band is called “The Flaming Tsunamis” not “The Fly Tsunamis”.

posted by: Tony Pellegrino on March 25, 2011  9:45am

So sad.  This was a great kid. Helped me out many times at the DG. Always had a smile behind the counter. He helped me lace my 1st set of wheels for free. I am pretty stunned reading this article. Condolences to his family and the crew down at DG. 

Tony Pellegrino

posted by: juli on March 25, 2011  9:46am

when i read this article, i felt like i was dreaming and hadn’t woken up yet.

mitch was seriously one of the kindest people i’ve ever met. i remember a time in the shop when i was getting frustrated by someone who tested my limits of patience, mitch made it seem easy to be selflessly and genuinely kind no matter what. when you were near him, you were his friend.

i am truly sad to hear this. i wish his loved ones peace.

posted by: Millie on March 25, 2011  9:53am

He was a great person. What a terrible loss.

posted by: Tom on March 25, 2011  10:00am

This is heartbreaking. Mitch was a great guy who treated everyone with kindness and respect. He will be greatly missed.

posted by: anthony on March 25, 2011  10:00am

I don’t even know what to say. Godspeed, Mitch.

posted by: anon on March 25, 2011  10:30am

What a tragedy. But please, just because this is the first homicide of a possibly non-black, non-Hispanic person out of the past 60 or so killings in the past 4 years, doesn’t mean you all have to go Berserk automatically blaming largely-black Newhallville for the problem.  Look at the facts. For an average citizen, the chance of meeting a violent death in Newhallville has historically been extremely low- probably lower than the suburbs in fact.  The violent acts of recent years has primarily, if not virtually exclusively, been perpetrated on and are committed by young minority men. How do you know that this had anything to do with race or with that particular area of the city? Until the reports are finished lets not draw unreasonable conclusions and please stop continuing to attack and put down neighborhoods where people look different or make less money than the average NH Indy reader/commenter.

Also, to the Police Union folks posting the same thing here and on every other crime report, lay off.  This or other senseless crimes have nothing to do with the layoffs of cops. In fact more layoffs of cops should happen here, so that the money can be used to employ youth in productive jobs, lower taxes on people, create community events and fix up our housing and streets. We spend more on prisons and cops than all those things combined. The huge amount of money that taxpayers (and renters in Newhallville) pay towards supporting our police force is unacceptable and if we want to reduce crime, we need to redirect much more of that money towards programs that actually reduce and prevent crime.  The police officers’ constant speeding and sirens in neighborhoods like Newhallville may be even making the problem worse. We also need beat cops or security walkers (like downtown) and cops who live in the neighborhood, not more money to put cruisers from the suburbs out there.

posted by: Sal Consiglio jr. on March 25, 2011  10:33am

He lived in a high crime area-are you kidding me! To post a comment like that.A Man minding his own business in his own home and gets shot and killed. Where he lives or how he lived does not give some worthless dirt-bag the right to shoot and kill this man.Think about what you are writing.When they find this human piece of garbage the first thing will be his rights and how he lived and how we have to respect that. Where are the dead mans rights? They get buried along with him.What justice? there is none!  Knock on my door and see what is waiting for you.

posted by: Tom on March 25, 2011  10:50am


Please show some respect for the dead and refrain, at least for a little while, from turning this man’s death into an academic discussion.

A great guy is dead at 23. Let people remember him, express their grief and even their anger.

posted by: Chris Heitmann on March 25, 2011  10:51am

It’s a tragic day when anyone in our fair city dies unnecessarily. Mitch was a great guy, always kind, helpful, and easy-going in my and my kids interactions with him at Devil’s Gear. My deepest condolences to his family and friends and to his mates at DG. Mitch will be greatly missed.

posted by: concerned on March 25, 2011  10:59am


SHAME ON YOU he was a great kid and it has nothing to do where he lived he lived with decent college kids and SAL C. you are so right in what you said these writers on this NHI should put there on our shoes two family memebrs killed one in East Haven and one from Hamden nice areas so cut the BS he was a great kid and helped everyone

posted by: streever on March 25, 2011  11:11am

I feel terrible. Mitch was such a nice guy. I am going to really miss him. I can’t believe what has happened to him.

I really can’t imagine that I will never see Mitch in the Devil’s Gear again. Such a great kid.

posted by: anon on March 25, 2011  11:12am

Tom: the best way to remember the dead is to discuss the situation and then take appropriate action to prevent similar tragedies. Bashing people’s neighborhoods when someone dies, for many reasons, isn’t a worthy honor for anyone.  It is clear from the story in the New Haven Register and elsewhere that Mitch respected his neighbors and pitched in to help them, and that neighbors will miss his company - he didn’t sit back in an armchair and bash them.

posted by: Nick Walter on March 25, 2011  11:15am

Mitch sold me my first bike when I moved to New Haven.  He was a wonderful guy.

posted by: old friend on March 25, 2011  11:23am

mitch you will be beyond missed. your smile and uplighting spirit never ceased to amaze me, even through everything that you had to deal with in your life. you really were one of the good ones. i will never forget the first day i met you so many years ago. its going to be much emptier in this world without you.

and i ask those of you writing about the crime, please maybe take the time to realize i am sure there is somewhere else you can discuss it. mitch was a friend and many of us would appreciate just a little time. especially if you didnt know him, because he REALLY was one of the good ones.

posted by: saddened on March 25, 2011  11:43am

What a terrible, senseless tragedy.  He was such a kind, positive person.  He will certainly be missed.  Condolences to his family and friends.

posted by: anthony on March 25, 2011  11:48am

could someone from the new haven independent please delete some of these comments. please. please. we have lost a very dear friend. i don’t want to talk about ... could-ofs-should-ofs.

please delete the nonsense.


posted by: Uncle Egg on March 25, 2011  12:11pm

This really makes me angry, angry in the sort of way that I want to do something about it. We, as a community, have got to figure out how to get young people in poor neighborhoods to put down the goddamn guns—and we can’t wait for police to do it for us.

Poverty by itself is not to blame. There are slums in Calcutta that make Newhallville look like paradise in comparison, but they have virtually no violent crime.

I agree with previous posters who say this is not the time for high-minded debates on sociology or race relations.

But if we’re to make sense of this tragedy, and honor the memories not only of Mitch but all the other victims of senseless violence in this city—black and white—then we all have to stand up and say this is not acceptable.

We need to stop making excuses. We need to stop pointing fingers. We need to take personal ownership of the problem instead of leaving it for the cops to handle. We need to stop whistling past the graveyard, hoping that it stays out of our tidy neighborhoods. It is OUR problem.

I have a feeling tonight’s Critical Mass ride, starting at 5:30 at Pitkin Plaza, will be full of angry people who are also feeling motivated to action. Instead of trying to lay the blame or contextualize this tragedy, let’s see if we can come up with some constructive approaches to dealing with the root problem.

posted by: Carl Goldfield on March 25, 2011  12:43pm

Terrible. I did not know him but he was literally a standout. I’d see him regularly around town and instantly associate him with Devil’s Gear and Friday Bike to Work Day.  I had him tagged as gentle bike geek/alt music. One of the cast that makes New Haven a great place to live. Last time I was in Devil’s Gear he took the time in the middle of a busy store to give me a quick fix so I could make it home safely, recommended not spending $25 to hack off a bike lock for which I am missing the key and refused to take any money.

posted by: anon on March 25, 2011  1:01pm

Uncle Egg: I agree comunity and elected repreesntatives need to recognize this is a problem and we need to hold them acountible. Maybe this post isn’t best place 2 debate it. A “Stop the Violence” petition at SeeClickFix was made. How about any1 who wants 2 vote, discuss & post info about it does it here if they want to look for solutons & see an end to the violence in our area:

posted by: Batman on March 25, 2011  1:02pm

“This really makes me angry, angry in the sort of way that I want to do something about it.”  Great comment Uncle Egg!  I have an answer for you.  It’s also the same answer for everyone who wants to complain about all that’s wrong with the Police:  I’ve lived in the Dixwell neighborhood for 16 years.  BECOME A COP AND PROTECT YOUR OWN!  That’s what I’m doing!  Brothers and sisters…be safe!

posted by: steph on March 25, 2011  1:30pm

mitch was a great person and im sure anyone who met him will tell you the same. in life he was an inspiration to me and will be remembered.

posted by: Danny B on March 25, 2011  1:39pm

RIP Mitch

posted by: William Kurtz on March 25, 2011  1:46pm

What a horrifying and senseless crime.  Mitchell was a great bike mechanic, a passionate musician, and a kind and genuine person.  I was relieved when he worked on my bicycle and happy to count him among my friends.  The wonderful things people have been saying about him above are all true. 

John Donne was right—no man is an island entire of itself.  Mitchell’s loss has diminished all of us, his family, his friends, his colleagues, his fellow musicians, and New Haven as a whole.

posted by: notty on March 25, 2011  1:53pm

First of all I would like to send my condolences to This young mans family. This indeed is a tragedy. However, the lost of any child whether black or white, good or bad, is a tragedy. I agree with Uncle Egg, we as black people, white people, spanish people, russian whatever need to come together as one people and speak out against violence in OUR neighborhoods. What affects the black community in regards to violence, affects us all. I would encourage all of those who are riding for mitch, start a movement to vote John Destefano out of office. Its not enough to rally, and scream through bull horns about what we want. If we truly want change, then lets get change by voting in the up and coming elections. The Mayor have had years to deal with the ever growing violence in our city. Cops should be walking the beat, like back in the days. Its not how many officers we have, its how are we managing the ones we do have. To many cops downtown, and doing over time on road projects and not enough cops in other areas of the city. To Carl Goldfield, you and the 16 aldermen that are rubber stamps for the Mayor are part of the problem as well. We need to vote out some of our do nothing Aldermen, particularly those who work for the administration and get some fresh new blood in office with new ideas. We can change this people at the polls. If you dont live in New Haven but Mitch death has affected you, then tell a friend that lives in new haven to vote Destefano out of Office.

posted by: Freddy on March 25, 2011  1:56pm

Why would the guy that broke into his apartment shoot him?  He had no weapon.  Why wouldn’the just take what he wanted and leave?  Why ddidn’te shoot anyone else in the apartment?
I hope the NHI follows up on this article and reports on the results of the police investigation. 
And other police investigations for that matter.  What ever happened with the shooting on front st.?  The article said the police had suspects.  Was anyone ever arrested and charged?

posted by: davec on March 25, 2011  2:00pm

Mitch kept my bike in tune and on the road.
Rest in peace, brother.

posted by: sherri44 on March 25, 2011  2:08pm

I cant believe this! I live around the corner from him. I didnt know him but i can see that he wasnt a bad guy…  I’m black and im so mad right now…Something needs to be done…This neiborhood is so bad and all they do is shoot everyday other here.. Why was he living on bassett street? He shouldnt had to die like that… My condolences goes out to his family..I hope they catch that evil animal and give him life!

posted by: Bubba on March 25, 2011  2:10pm

I am in utter shock. That guy has been through hell this past year.

I’ll never remember the Ska kid from LA. I remember dancing with him at all of the local shows for years. I was so happy for him and another friend who had decided to make a big move to the east coast.

I could never imagine him hurting anyone, or anyone hurting him for that matter.

You had your whole life ahead of you. Rest in Peace brother.

posted by: unjust on March 25, 2011  2:15pm

For all the great things that Dubey did for New Haven - giving it music, encouraging cycling, living and working here (and therefore supporting New Haven), it is so sad - and so typical - that a low-life would steal his life away from him.

Dubey was a million times better person than the low-life who killed him could ever hope to be.


posted by: Ben Berkowitz on March 25, 2011  2:18pm

This is the worst news I’ve heard in a very long time.
Rest In Peace Mitchell.  You’ll be missed.

posted by: Greg on March 25, 2011  2:18pm

Mitch was a really great guy.  I still can’t believe that this happened to him.


posted by: reoganization needed on March 25, 2011  2:24pm

When are the good folks of New Haven going to realize that the current politics are driving the city in the sewers and everyone is losing.  If a community isn’t noted as safe, first go the people, then businesses and the more people and so on.  It is a cycle that is going to ruin a once great city.  But for Yale, the city would have been in the toilet a long time ago.  This isn’t the time to get rid of the cops, but a time to really work on the issues that matter and collaborate with other towns and improve what is going on there.  No one is going to want to live there much less do business in a city that isn’t safe. It is also time for Destephano to go….

posted by: Mark Maturo on March 25, 2011  2:26pm

This is unreal. I had to hear about this on Twitter.
Godspeed Mitch.

posted by: austin on March 25, 2011  2:26pm

Mitch was an amazing guy. People always say that when someone dies, but he truly was. It’s true that more people need to be like Mitch. It won’t be hard to think of the good times cause Mitch brought the good times with him. RIP brother

posted by: Irinia Cruz on March 25, 2011  2:27pm

I hate to see this story and I think it is very sad, but anyone that would take a chance and live on Bassett Street has got to be half out of their mind.  Dixwell Avenue area shootings have always been legendary.

It does seem very odd to me that weeks after New Haven Union wise guy Louis Cavalier tells people to “arm themselveles”, the papers actually are reporting shootings instead of letting them fall by the wayside.  Interesting.  Perhaps the State Police could come over to New Haven when they get done taking care of corruption in East Haven.  Oh, I forgot, the New Haven police are already under heavy surveillance by the Feds.

... hese cops are not going to get their jobs back because the city is flat broke and trying to avoid bankruptcy. 

Love and kindness to the friends and family of the guy who was killed.  Senseless tragedy.  To find answers why, following the money trail…..all the way to Louis Cavalier.  He is using the lives of people to promote his own hate patrol.

posted by: Arthur on March 25, 2011  2:44pm

Our prayers for his families, including his Devil’s Gear family.

posted by: annamf on March 25, 2011  2:47pm

Mitchell sold me my first really nice bike last year.  His patience and knowledge were admirable.  Heaven has another angel. May Devils Gear and Mitchell’s family find peace in their hearts. Condolences to all his friends and family. RIP

posted by: littleanthony on March 25, 2011  2:59pm

Godspeed Mitch

posted by: Steve Ongley on March 25, 2011  3:04pm

This is too sad. 

I never met a nicer kid, and I am an old old man. 

Lots of people will miss you Mitch. Me too.

posted by: stacy keyes on March 25, 2011  3:06pm

This is unspeakable! The Dubey family has endured such tragedy. Is there any way to ever recover from this undeserved treatment? Where is the love? My heart is broken.

posted by: Shannon Pajer on March 25, 2011  3:27pm

I’m so sorry to hear this. He will be missed and he will be remembered. I didn’t know him personally, but I have been to shows at his home. I’m going to do my best to go to the memorial service. This is such bad news. Godspeed. Rest in peace, dude.

posted by: Carl on March 25, 2011  3:34pm

He was a good guy who was minding his own business, and someone thought nothing of killing him.  Keep the death penalty on the books, and everyone reading… get the hell out of New Haven.

posted by: uncln on March 25, 2011  3:43pm

What did Lou Cavalier tell us to do?

posted by: Uncle Egg on March 25, 2011  3:50pm

How about instead of pointing fingers and finding scapegoats (the mayor, the police, the neighborhood, urban poverty, drugs, gangs, etc.) we actually go out and do something ourselves to make the community a little bit better.

Maybe the biggest problem is that we put too much faith in our politicians, our police, our teachers and other institutions. It’s our community. It’s our responsibility. Let’s own it and let’s do something about it—donate, mentor, tutor, whatever.

I didn’t know Mitch and won’t speculate on what he would want. But wouldn’t it be great to honor his memory not by complaining about the community, but rather by doing something about it?

posted by: jo kremer on March 25, 2011  3:51pm

Mitch Dubey was always kind, generous, and helpful. I last saw him exactly a week ago when he put air in my tires at the Bike to Work breakfast. We talked about the hard, cold winter, and he was looking forward to biking more again in the spring.

My condolences and deepest sympathy to his family and friends, band mates, bike mates, and co-workers at the Devils Gear Bikeshop. Such sadness for all the community, this harsh inexplicable loss of young good life.

posted by: elliott on March 25, 2011  3:57pm

RIP, you won’t be forgotten. So many times have I walked past this cat at shows. SO MANY TIMES. I’m sad about this, especially because its so close to home. He was one of the music scene, one of us, even if I never formally knew him.

posted by: Vegan Paul on March 25, 2011  4:01pm

RIP Mitch.

posted by: Mark G on March 25, 2011  4:17pm

I can not believe this has happened to such a good person. I only met Mitch a few months ago and recently took the bike repair class run by him at Devil’s Gear. No words to express how this makes me feel.
RIP - Mitch I keep you in my thoughts while I’m in the saddle.

posted by: Kait on March 25, 2011  4:23pm

I didn’t know him but I know others who did and it sounds like he was an incredible guy. I hope this shines some light on problems in New Haven and that his family and friends can one day feel like justice was served. RIP.

posted by: ian on March 25, 2011  4:26pm

immensely sad.  anyone who knew Mitch can understand this is the definition of a senseless crime, a thought none of us would have ever considered possible.  all the DG guys are right. more people should be as selfless as Mitch, and with a shortage of such quality people in the world to being with, this is a huge blow to the whole community.  and it’s clear, the world needs to know more about peace and bicycles..  you never get a chance to say goodbye in situations like this. I’m not done really processing this yet.

posted by: Ryan on March 25, 2011  4:58pm

This is disgusting. RIP Mitch

posted by: Arsen Azizyan on March 25, 2011  5:01pm

I just saw him two days ago at the bike shop!! Turns out, a casual “Sup Mitch” would be the last words I ever spoke to the guy. I’ve known Mitch for years, he was such a cool person… Words fail me.
The ... that did this needs to be put in stocks in front of the bike shop and SCORNED before going to jail for the rest of (presumably) his life.
What a waste.

posted by: Ben Berkowitz on March 25, 2011  5:02pm

While I understand this is scary to all of us in New Haven I’d ask fellow posters to refrain from using Mitch’s untimely passing as a platform for New Haven flight. I’m sure Mitch would not want that.

Please be respectful and keep your personal agendas out of this conversation.

posted by: Katie on March 25, 2011  5:08pm

I wasn’t close to Mitch, but I took a class on bike repair a year ago and it was great getting to know him. He was funny and cared a lot about the world and his music and bicycles. I loved seeing him bike around new haven on all his different bikes. Condolences to those who knew him better, he will be missed.

posted by: jesse romero on March 25, 2011  5:11pm

Mitch, you were there when I always needed you man. I need you for you. I can’t f*ing believe this. We all love you so much.

posted by: Carlos Galo on March 25, 2011  5:19pm

Mitch, you will be missed by those that visited the Devil’s Gear frequently over the past few years. Nice guy doesn’t begin to sum you up: thanks for being part of the glue that held this town and world together.

My condolences to Mitch’s family and to all at the Devil’s Gear.

posted by: Kevin Connaughton on March 25, 2011  5:28pm

Wow… I am truly saddened by this news. I didn’t know Mitchell well, but
I had stopped into Devils Gear a few times and found myself talking bikes with him. He was really knowledgeable and kind guy to talk with. I instantly remembered Mitch by his picture. He had a very memorable personality and pleasant disposition. I know he will be missed.

My heart and prayers go out to all his family and friends.


posted by: denise weiss on March 25, 2011  6:06pm

my heart goes out ot all who knew him.

posted by: Good Ol' days on March 25, 2011  6:38pm

This is truly a tragic story, he seemed like a great person. Whats wrong in this city where you open your door and end up dead. Lets hope the NHPD catches the mope who did his. It seems there is a shooting every night. PS don’t forgt about the 3 dead in the recent arson fire

posted by: dan conn on March 25, 2011  6:50pm

the conns express the feelings of many…its not fair or even imaginable——our hopes for the MITCH

posted by: Casey on March 25, 2011  7:07pm

Mitch was one of my dearest friends in Los Angeles.  We went out to a movie and pizza the night he moved away.  We only saw each other one other time after that.  He was in town a few weeks ago, and we were supposed to hang out, and things got screwed up, and we didn’t.  Now I will never see him again.  For those that knew Mitch, you will know that he would not want you to be upset, saddened, or angered.  He would want you to enjoy every minute of your life, and CELEBRATE his life, not mourn it.

posted by: Jason Stockmann on March 25, 2011  7:10pm

Mitch will be dearly missed.  His work, persona, lifestyle, and values embodied so much of what I strive for in life.  More people need to be like Mitch, indeed. 

While helping me pick out my bike, and then customize it, Mitch was somehow both earnest and comic at the same time.  Bantering with me in the shop in the ensuing months, he could pepper conversation with mechanical arcana about Campy, bits of bicycle lore, pithy political jokes, and, in the most unassuming tone, the fact that he just happened to be throwing a fundraiser for his injured dad this weekend.  All of this while wrenching, of course.  He taught me a lot about bike maintenance without once condescending to me or making me feel ignorant, even when I obviously was.  He suffered my mechanical curiosity with patience, with humility, and—always—with the right answers.  Mitch was a true craftsman, but also a humble, caring, and empathic soul. 

I’m very sorry to be away and to be missing the memorial Critical Mass today.

posted by: dan conn on March 25, 2011  7:40pm

anyone who posts political opinions at a time such as this,with such disregard for family and friends of Mitch dubey should step back—and not forget that this a tragic time—- for remembering what a bright light and great person we knew Mitch to be.

posted by: Matt Jordan on March 25, 2011  7:43pm

This past winter my band went on tour. One of the shows was at Mitchell’s house. He cooked us meals and threw a potluck at the show he was having for us in his basement. He treated us with so much respect. He stayed up until 4AM the night before just the show just so he could show us where to sleep on his floor because we had nowhere to stay. Hell, he even set us up with a dog to cuddle with.

Mitchell didn’t have to do any of these things. He did them because he was a great person who cared about the community that he was a part of, and genuinely loved every bit of it.

Rest in peace, Mitchell. The world would be a much better place if everyone was a little more like you.

posted by: citizenk on March 25, 2011  7:51pm

What a tragedy. My sincerest sympathies for his family and friends.

The neighborhood isn’t the best. Still, it doesn’t matter - happens even in “safe” areas and towns (Cheshire being a common example). Being hyper-vigilant in regards to our safety and security is all we can really do.  The police can only do so much.

posted by: Grace S on March 25, 2011  8:13pm

I knew Mitch when he lived in Los Angeles, He was(and always will be) an amazing young man and an accomplished musician; and some dirt bag went and took him away. RIP Mitch you will be missed, and I hope with all my heart that you will be avenged. My deepest sympathies to his family.

posted by: WHL on March 25, 2011  8:16pm

Many thanks to all who have expressed their love for Mitch. He was a kind, gentle, thoughtful and fun guy. He loved his music, bikes, friends, and his family. I am his uncle and the family misses him so much already. Please keep Mitch in your thoughts.


posted by: Charles on March 25, 2011  8:20pm

Mitch, RIP, you will be missed.

posted by: Grace S on March 25, 2011  8:29pm

For those who knew and will miss him,!/home.php?sk=group_144610422272820&ap=1 
facebook memorial page, everyone is welcome

posted by: Elaine Braffman on March 25, 2011  8:39pm

Didn’t know him, never met him, but this is so wrenching to read about…I am so sorry for family and all his friends. What a loss to everyone.

posted by: Baub on March 25, 2011  8:52pm

Eye would just like to send my condolence to this brothah’s family. Eye agree with what was said about us needing to put our tax money into programs, better education ...etc ...etc. The truth is that our neighborhoods are dangerous. The antidote to this problem is to pay attention when the youth are crying out. They need more than being profiled and brutalized by the very same people who should be protecting us. There are good cops out here putting their lives at risk everyday trying to do right and be decent people making our streets safe; but unfortunately there are officers with their own agendas who operate off hate while utilizing their badges as a shield; In the meanwhile real crimes are being committed at the house down the street. But that is an argument we can have off this page.

All eye know is that a beautiful brothah has been gunned down at what was supposed to be his safe haven. According to what everybody is saying, he has been a great humanitarian in our community. People like him are the people who put their feet forward when the world has forgotten about it’s citizens. He was the person who said eye’ll help you for free because eye want to make life easier for you. He was someone who exercised love for his/God’s people effortlessly. It hurts me to see someone like this go, because it leaves us with a brother down, a lost comrade. It makes me sad because eye am wondering if everybody here who is reading is going to let the torch drop and burn out. Or are we going to care enough to participate in the rebuilding of New Haven. They took our mall down and brought in high end stores, they bulldozed our coliseum, and left the youth that my brothah cared for with nowhere to go. Pick up that torch, learn about all the organizations/small neighborhood businesses that are trying to make a change such as Bru Cafe, Youth Continuum, Free 2 Spit/Peoples Center, Youth Unleashed, Devil’s Gear, mom and pop businesses, and support them. Pick up that torch now.
My opinion on policing in New Haven - Eye don’t think they should lay off good officers to hire segregated thinkers trying to kill the rainbow… eye just think that they need to recruit/interview non racist cops who love the people and communities as much as we do on an equal basis.

Every change that has taken place has always and will always be through the actions of the people who struggle. It is about time we say enough is enough and put the guns down. May Mitchell Dubey Rest In Life and continue to live through the people who love him.


- Baub Bidon

posted by: Too sad on March 25, 2011  9:00pm

Anon you are out of line and should not post anything if you have to get into some sort of cerebral discussion about a young man’s murder. ...

posted by: Heather on March 25, 2011  9:09pm

Rest in peace, Mitch. I didn’t know you personally, but from everything I’ve heard, I wish I had. This is so senseless and tragic. My condolences to Mitch’s family and friends…

posted by: we need answers!!!!! on March 25, 2011  10:15pm

was anything stolen?

did there appear to be a struggle?

if nothing was stolen and there was no struggle/argument, what motivated this crime?

A murder without without drugs or robbery is unusual for new haven.

Please NEW HAVEN INDEPENDENT… dig as deep as u can to find out what happened to this hard working young American.

The family and friends of this young man need answers to help them find peace!

The citizens of New Haven need answers so they can be more aware of what they can do to avoid being targets.

Please give us all the answers you can.

posted by: Mike T on March 25, 2011  11:29pm

This is terrible news.  I will say a prayer tonight for Mitch and his family.

posted by: Ellie on March 25, 2011  11:51pm

I have known Mitchell and his family in LA for many yrs, was at his Bar Mitzvah and seen him grow into a sweet and respectful young man. This tragedy is simply too much to believe for his family that has already seen so much tragedy with his father’s accident that left him quadriplegic just 2 years ago. If Mitch lived in a low-income, racially mixed neighborhood then it simply reflects his acceptance of all people as equals—that’s the way he was raised and that’s the way he lived. the question everyone should be asking is: why did he have to die?
the world needs more souls like Mitchell. it simply too tragic to really believe he is gone.

posted by: Philip on March 26, 2011  12:02am

Mitch as well as everyone at Devils gear are some of the best people I have ever met. I am simply at a lost for words of this tragic crime brought down on a truly wonderful exuberant person who brought more to New Haven in his few years here then most of us will do in a lifetime. Thank you Mitch and God bless you as you have blessed us. Bike on!

posted by: Kim on March 26, 2011  12:14am

I did not know him. I only heard of him through my son. I heard of how genuinely kind and selfless this young man was, and heard about his positive outlook on life. I cry because a sweet soul has had his life taken from him. As a mother, I cannot stop crying, thinking of his mother, his parents and family that will miss who this man would have become.

posted by: anonymous on March 26, 2011  12:30am

I’ve known Mitchell and the Dubey family for almost 20 years. I watched Mitchell grow from just a little guy into an amazing young man. He made everyone in his presence happy with his humor, wit and smile. I’m beyond angry that Mitchell’s life was taken so early. I’m beyond angry that this amazing family—whom are known by many to give everything they have to help another—is forced to endure another tragedy. Larry’s accident was a trial that most families couldn’t endure together, yet they did and with tremendous grace and fight. But how do they endure this now? HOW? I promise you Mitchell—I promise we will all be here for your parents and sister. We will hold them up as they have held many of us. Rest in peace Mitchell.

posted by: Yulia on March 26, 2011  1:03am

I wonder if the cops can trace his stolen computer…. The mayor really needs to address the high crime rate of new haven. wyclef jean even referenced it in a song in the fugees a while back calling it “gun wavin’ new haven’” the city is deteriorating.

posted by: RK on March 26, 2011  1:05am

Time for a new Mayor!

posted by: Rodolfo Navas on March 26, 2011  1:39am

i first met Mitch when i was 13. he was the coolest kid ever. during our time in high school we would talk music, id talk hardcore and punk he would talk ska and 2tone. the last time i saw him was 3 days before graduation at the Noah’s bagels in LA. we sat and talked hardcore/punk and exchanged ideas about life after high school. My fondest memory of him is sitting in front of Pali during the Revere graduation playing and singing songs by Operation Ivy. We played loudly and sung with great passion until The Los Angeles Police asked us to leave. Thanks for everything Mitchell Dubey you will be missed.