The Morning After

David Sepulveda PhotosThe commercial heart of Westville had a hole in it Tuesday after an all-night fire left a century-old landmark building, and the popular restaurant and pub on its first floor, in ruins.

David Sepulveda PhotoClose to four dozen firefighters spent a full eight hours battling the “stubborn” blaze, in the words of Chief Allyn Wright, that destroyed the building at the corner of Whalley and Central Avenues.

Peter Gremse, who ran Delaney’s Restaurant and Tap Room on the first floor, was seating diners at around 5:30 p.m. Monday when he heard “popping” in the basement. He discovered the beginning of the fire, and helped usher all patrons and employees and upstairs tenants to safety.

By 1 a.m. flames could still be seen coming out of the building; the commercial center of Westville was for hours engulfed in smoke. Firefighters, battling the blaze from outside rather than inside because of the building’s precarious state, finally completed the job at around 1:45 a.m., according to police spokesman David Hartman.

David Sepulveda PhotoThree firefighters were treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation. None appeared to have been seriously injured, according to mayoral spokesman Laurence Grotheer. Grotheer said the hospital had discharged two of the three firefighters by Tuesday morning, and one had already returned to duty. About 10 tenants lost their homes in the blaze; firefighters rescued a cat named Molly from the second floor.

Streets remained closed in the vicinity Tuesday morning as firefighters continued spraying water on the debris ...

David Sepulveda Photo... and a Southern Connecticut Gas worker inspected crevasses for signs of potential gas leaks. Grotheer said streets will remain closed “indefinitely” as the city prepares to demolish the structure’s remains. “This is all about public safety right now,” he said.

The Delaney’s Tap Room sign (pictured at the top of the story), meanwhile, sat on a charred pile of rubble, its brilliant colors a reminder of what once stood. At the corner of Central Avenue and Fountain Street, emptied bottles of wine and beer lay strewn about the ground, remnants of stunned neighbors that sipped as they watched the blaze consume a restaurant—first as the Cape Codder, then Delaney’s—that had served the community for decades. (Email here for details about where to send donations.)

Chris Heitmann PhotoA combination of factors caused the fire to grow before help could immediately arrive: Westville firefighters were out at another call. And then, because an electrical wire was down on the street, United Illuminating first had to arrive to shut down power in the area, which took at least a half hour, according to witnesses.

David Sepulveda PhotoBy 10:20 p.m., firefighters were still trying to put out the blaze, as thick black smoke enveloped the commercial center of Westville and rise high in the sky. Flames were still shooting out of one corner of the building.

Paul Bass PhotoChief Allyn Wright (at left center in photo, steps from the Delaney’s building while the fire raged) said he had to keep his firefighters outside, rather than inside the building, because the second story had already collapsed.

David Sepulveda Photo“It’s a stubborn fire. It just won’t go out. We attacked it from all four sides. It’s too hazardous to go inside,” Wright said. “The building’s a total loss. It buckled from the front.”

David Sepulveda PhotoCrowds of onlookers were still outside taped-off areas a block or two away from the village center in all directions.

Paul Bass PhotoFirefighters rescued a cat named Molly from the building’s second floor, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman.

David Sepulveda PhotoThe two-story, 9,451-quare-foot clapboard building was constructed in 1900, according to the city’s appraisal database. According to the Westville Village Historic District filing, it was built in 1913 as the Hotel Edgewood. A limited liability corporation out of Stratford, called Gold Raven Properties, is the current owner. A state government database lists Ronald Groves of Stratford, who runs a commercial real estate firm, as the company’s “member/manager.”

Paul Bass PhotoWatching the blaze with the crowd on Central Avenue a block away, the restaurant’s owner, Peter Gremse (pictured), said he discovered the fire in the basement around 5:30 p.m. (Gremse rents the restaurant space from Gold Raven Properties.)

“I was seating some people,” Gremse said. “We had a pretty good crowd. There was some popping in the basement. There was fire coming out the main panel, the main switch. I ran outside; we got everyone out of the building. I like an idiot went downstairs to try to put it out.” The smoke was too thick.

The fire spread outside. “The transformer was popping like the Fourth of July,” Gremse said.

Paul Bass PhotoGremse’s restaurant and pub had three rooms, and at least that many forms of loyal clientele: Sports fans who gathered for the Super Bowl or World Series; families bringing their kids or couples out on the town for dinner; college students congregating in the Whalley-side tap room; politicians brokering endorsements and dropped campaigns. (An upcoming “Tip-A-Cop” fundraiser for the Special Olympics had been scheduled at the restaurant; Officer Hartman said the event will take place at a to-be-announced new venue, tentatively planned for Sept. 19.)

Gremse ran the establishment for over 13 years. He said he has insurance for the business, and hopes it will cover his extensive and expensive wine collection: “I have one of the oldest wine selections in New Haven. I have some of the oldest bourbons.”

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posted by: alexey on August 25, 2014  8:22pm

Thanks for coming off of vacattion for the report.  This is devastating.  I hope the insurance will allow a rebuild.  This is where Inpropsed to my wife, when it was ther Cape Codder.  Best to th firefighter injured.

posted by: Lisa on August 25, 2014  8:45pm

So sad.  But very glad everyone got out safely.

posted by: anne s. on August 25, 2014  10:25pm

the smoke from this fire found its way to southern hamden tonight. incredible. glad everyone is okay.

posted by: robn on August 26, 2014  8:02am

Doesn’t make a lot of sense. I thought circuit breakers were supposed to prevent overloaded wires (failing wires being where most electrical fires start). I’ve never heard of a fire beginning at the breaker panel. Very interested in hearing about the fire forensics (after Paul finished his vacation).

posted by: anonymous on August 26, 2014  8:10am

Total disaster for Westville. Hope everyone is OK, but there should immediately be an effort to rebuild the building as is with help from the State and city. Otherwise it will be an empty parking lot for many years, or at best, another fast food plaza.

posted by: Richard Stack on August 26, 2014  10:57am

I drove down a few blocks this morning to see the wreck of my favourite pub.It was the death of an old pal; I was one of a couple of dozen old (I was probably the oldest) farts who hung out in the back bar.  I was known there as the “Professor”.  I was constantly annoying my fellow old farts by suggestions for improving various sports (“Do away with the forward pass !” and the like.)

Delaney’s was a rara avis, a genuine PUB, not a fancy bar or trattoria or cafe, but a PUB. Pete understood this well and often hung out, ringing the ceilings with his monster laugh.

Paul, I hope you have a have good holiday.  This story was a high note on which to depart.  No newspaper story could have matched it, with its multiple interviews and multitude of panoramic photos.  You did well to quit the dying Advocate and give us this luminous account of our local world.

posted by: MamaBear on August 26, 2014  11:33am

Glad everyone got out o.k.,any updates on the firemen? There are a lot of employees now with no jobs,no paychecks and no rent money. Will the city help them or the community or the owner? Who is responsible for building safety inspections? Everyone turns out for happy hour and fire photos, but lets pull together and help the employees.

posted by: Lisa on August 26, 2014  12:14pm

When the fire happened on State St a couple years ago (DaLegnas)  the neighbors rallied and raised money, and organized donations of clothing and furniture for the displaced tenants. They even found an apartment for one family, and got a moving company (@ Young Studs I believe) to donate the moving truck and movers, People were very generous.  However, someone needs to step up and be the organizer. That is the hardest part - organizing it.

posted by: smackfu on August 26, 2014  1:31pm

Didn’t realize that the restaurant didn’t own the building.  I’m sure that complicates the rebuilding process.

posted by: New Haven Nuisance on August 31, 2014  2:43am

I must inquire as to why you deemed this story important enough make an exception for and report on during your hiatus yet chose not to report on shooting deaths in our city during this same time period, including that of Mr. McNair, who was murdered while playing solitaire on his computer in his home by a stray bullet?

Is the destruction of a physical building more important than the unnatural elimination of a human life?

posted by: robn on August 31, 2014  7:16pm


The answers obviously that Paul was slugging back a few beers at Delaneys when it happened. After all, he is on vacation.