Cops ID Body

Police Monday identified the body firefighters pulled from Evergreen Cemetery pond Saturday.

The man was 23-year-old Levi Gallishaw of New Haven, police said. Gallishaw’s body has been transferred to the state Office of Chief Medical Examiner.

A previous version of this story follows.

Body Found In Cemetery Pond

Workers in Evergreen Cemetery saw a naked man walk into a pond, go under, and not come up again.

The man who’s body was recovered by Fire Fighters at the Evergreen Cemetery, Saturday afternoon, has been identified as 23 year old Levi P. Gallishaw of New Haven. The body was removed to the office of the state Office of The Chief Medical Examiner.

That’s what the workers told the safety officials who responded to their 911 call Saturday morning, according to fire department Chief Allyn Wright.

The fire department subsequently found the man—dead—in the cemetery pond.

Here’s what Wright said happened:

“Cemetery workers observed a nude male walking toward them from the back of the cemetery,” Wright said. The man walked by the workers, who followed him.

“He walked right into the water,” Wright said. The pond is as deep as 12 feet in some spots, Wright said. “And he just dropped.”

Workers told officials that the man splashed around, but never came back to the surface. They called 911.

The fire department arrived at 10:44 a.m. and put a boat in the water to look for the man. Under the supervision of Battalion Chief William Gould, firefighters found the man’s body some two hours later.

They brought him to the shore, where EMTs were waiting. The man was pronounced dead on the scene at 12:49 p.m.

“It was very, very tragic,” Wright said. The man appeared to be between 25 and 30, Wright said. He had not been identified as of Saturday evening.

“I don’t know what was going on in this young man’s life,” Wright said. “It’s very tragic to see that.”

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posted by: robn on July 13, 2014  10:26pm

Creepy. Just wondering, did neither of the observers know how to swim?

posted by: Brewski on July 14, 2014  9:38am

Very sad. Don’t be critical of the workers for not jumping in to save him. This does not sound like someone who accidentally slipped into the water. When someone is acting in an obviously irrational way and putting himself at risk, there’s a very good chance he might harm someone trying to help him. I lost a good friend while a crowd looked on and it took me years to understand why nobody stepped in.

posted by: robn on July 14, 2014  9:54am


Lifeguards are trained to rescue defensively for the reason you mentioned but most laypeople don’t know that. I would chalk up the inaction to the utter weirdness. It is very sad.

posted by: WestvilleAdvocate on July 14, 2014  12:30pm

I saw all the commotion on Saturday as I passed the cemetery.  I found it eery seeing all the first responders in a cemetery.  I thought someone had been buried alive!