Burger King Manager Shot

Two armed men in dark clothing robbed a Burger King manager some time before 9:30 p.m. Sunday, and one of them shot her in the legs before leaving.

That took place at the Burger King at 1329 Whalley Ave., police said.

Not long after, at 9:52 p.m., also on the west side of town, two men in dark clothing, at least one of them armed, carjacked a man’s Chevrolet Malibu on Westwood Road between Alden Avenue and Central Avenue, according to police. The car has Maryland plates.

Police said the carjackers did not hurt the man.

The Burger King manager, a 19-year-old woman, was listed in critical condition at the hospital. She was “alert and able to speak,” according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman.

Police are looking for the perpetrators.

Did the same pair of armed robbers commit both crimes?

“We’re investigating that possibility. The descriptions are similar,” Assistant Police Chief Archie Generoso said Monday morning. He said police don’t yet know.

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posted by: robn on September 16, 2013  9:11am

Shooting her was unnecessary and incredibly cruel. I really hope they catch these guys.

posted by: HhE on September 16, 2013  10:38am

My thoughts and prayers are with her.

posted by: Trustme on September 16, 2013  11:10am

Really careless and disgusting crimes. New Haven is just not safe. Hope she’s going to be okay.

posted by: BlueDogMom on September 16, 2013  10:27pm

Westwood is just around the corner from Edgewood Magnet School in lovely Westville.  BTW, anyone see the gunshot hole in Stone Hearth’s window at the corner of West Rock and Whalley?  There are no “safe” neighborhoods in New Haven, it is delusion.

posted by: robn on September 17, 2013  8:53am


12 people were just murdered at the Washington Naval Yard. Statistically, life is dangerous. We can do better in New Haven, but that’s no reason to live in fear. Fear only encourages aggression.

posted by: LadyERT on September 17, 2013  10:21am

@robyn fear encourages caution. I fear for my teenagers when they leave my home, so I teach them to be not only cautious but aware and to be smart about things that seem out of sorts.