Bysiewicz Taps New Haveners For Lt. Gov’s Office

FacebookThe state’s incoming lieutenant governor, Susan Bysiewicz, has drawn heavily from the New Haven area to staff her new office.

New Haven delivered the largest batch of votes in November for the victorious ticket of Ned Lamont and Bysiewicz for governor and lieutenant governor.

So far Lamont has tapped no New Haven talent for appointments to his gubernatorial team.

Bysiewicz this week announced her own new team; Adam Joseph will lead it as chief of staff.

Joseph, who lives in Morris Cove, once worked for Bysiewicz when she was secretary of the state, before moving to posts in then-New Haven Mayor John DeStefano’s administration. Since 2011 he has served as director of communications for State Senate leader Martin Looney of New Haven.

Bysiewicz tapped Cherie Phoenix-Sharpe to serve as her chief legal advisor. Phoenix-Sharpe currently works as an assistant corporation counsel for the city of New Haven.

Another New Havener, Juliemar Ortiz, will serve as Bysiewicz’s press secretary. Ortiz worked as a New Haven Register reporter before taking a post as a spokesperson for State Senate Democrats.

Jimmy Tickey, the campaign manager for New Haven U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro since 2010, will move over to Bysiewicz’s office as “senior adviser for economic and community development,” an area on which Bysiewicz plans to focus as lieutenant governor. Another former DeLauro staffer, Samuel Carmody, will take a job as Bysiewicz’s legislative and government relations aide.

“I am proud to announce a team that brings both diverse perspectives as well as strong experience in local, state and federal government,” Bysiewicz stated in a release.

Bysiewicz discussed her lieutenant governor plans in a recent interview, above, on WNHH FM’s “Dateline New Haven” program.

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posted by: THREEFIFTHS on January 2, 2019  11:41am

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The black masses reject the Uncle Tom approach of the Negro leadership that has been handpicked by the white man. These Uncle Tom leaders don’t speak for the Negro majority, they don’t speak for the black masses. They speak for the black bourgeoisie, the brainwashed white minded, middle class minority. Who are ashamed of black and don’t want to be identified with the black masses—-MALCOLM X (from his speech called, God’s Judgment of White America)

posted by: Smitty on January 2, 2019  12:55pm

Well let us see how this cookie crumbles Threefifths….Infiltration looks exactly the same.