CAO’s Vetting Delayed

Michael Carter, the mayor’s choice for new chief administrative officer, was expected in City Hall Monday night for vetting by city lawmakers — a meeting he said he didn’t know about.

“I wish someone had sent me an email,” said Carter, reached by phone in Washington D.C.

He never made it to Monday’s 7 p.m. meeting of the Board of Alders Aldermanic Affairs Committee, where his name was on the top of the agenda.

Under a recent change to the city charter, several top mayoral appointees are subject to confirmation by the Board of Alders. The chief administrative officer — the person in charge of the day-to-day operation of city services — is one of those appointees, and a visit to the Aldermanic Affairs Committee is the first step in the confirmation process.

“I won’t be there until April 7,” Carter said. He said he’ll start work that day, the first Monday in April. He said he has “a sick uncle and some other things to take care of here.”

Carter said he’s been communicating with the mayor’s office but hasn’t been in touch with anyone from the Board of Alders.

The charter allows Carter to start work before alder confirmation or denial. Alders are required to act within 30 of the submission of the nomination, which happened on March 3. If alders don’t act within 60 days, Carter would be approved by default.

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posted by: anonymous on March 25, 2014  12:18pm

This sounds really, really bad.

posted by: Shaggybob on March 25, 2014  12:53pm

“a sick uncle and some other things to take care of here.”

You only get one chance for a first impression. I’m not impressed.

Carter said he’s been communicating with the mayor’s office but hasn’t been in touch with anyone from the Board of Alders.

Any comment from the Mayor’s office as to why they kept it to themselves and this wasn’t forwarded to the Board of Alders??

BTW who is running the day to day operations for the city until his “arrival”?

posted by: ILivehere on March 25, 2014  1:04pm

Not an impressive start.

posted by: Hill Resident on March 25, 2014  1:36pm

There were several appointees that were not made aware that they were required to come before the Board of Alders Aldermanic Affairs Committee at last night’s hearing. Some only received an email last week saying ‘plan to attend’. Many of the appointments did not need BOA approval before the recent Charter revision, so this is new for most of the appointees as well as the Mayor. But perhaps someone from each of the City of New Haven’s departments/boards/commissions should be assigned to stay on top of what changes in the Charter affect their department/board/commission.

posted by: JohnTulin on March 25, 2014  2:53pm

A sick uncle and some other stuff…so professional, classic New Haven.  Same ole same ole.

posted by: heightster70 on March 25, 2014  5:08pm

This administration is straight up BUFFOONERY

posted by: getyourfactstraight on March 26, 2014  8:58am

One embarrassment after the other. Can’t make this stuff up! They are never going to get it together. Would like to believe so from a taxpayers stand point, but it just is not going to happen.

posted by: 14yearsinNHandgone on March 27, 2014  7:30pm

Mr. MacMillan,

Could you ask some follow-up questions?  This story seems incomplete without knowing who dropped the ball.

Did the alders fail to inform Mr. Carter that he needed to appear?
Did Mayor Harp fail to inform him of the same?
Did Mr. Carter fail to ask what the next step was?

As it is, his reply is pretty weak sauce, and doesn’t exactly instill confidence in his abilities, professionalism, or respect for the BOA.

Please update this if you can.  Thanks!